Colors of Scrapbooking

One hobby that brings me happiness is scrapbooking and with spring just starting there will be a lot of pretty animals and flowers to take pictures of. I love taking pictures of friends, family, and pretty things and using them to make scrapbooks. Scrapbooking is an immensely enjoyable activity to do by myself or with my friends.
There are so many cute and colorful scrapbooking supplies out there that sometimes it is hard to decide which items I should buy now and which I should buy later. I like to start by buying my paper first that way I have my color scheme for any scrapbook or occasion already chosen. Normally I go with greens and blues, because green is my favorite color, or with bright, warm colors. Then I buy embellishments and decorations that will compliment the paper. I recently bought the following paper from Michaels.
I recently bought the paper shown above and some other paper in the same set from Michael’s for the new scrapbook I am going to start soon. One embellishment that I believe enhances the beauty of any page is Prima flowers. The bright colors of the flowers below add cheerfulness to any page.

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via: Michaels

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