Beautiful Castles to See

Beautiful Castles to See
Warwick Castle in England

Dragon Castle in Germany

Schwerin Castle in Germany

Castle in Prague, Czech Republic

Poeke Castle in Belgium

These are so beautiful. I would love to travel and see them all. All of these are places that I would like to go to and seeing these castles while there would be amazing. Don't you agree? Ever since I was a little girl and watched all those Disney movies with the princesses, princes, and castles, I have always wanted to go see some real castles.

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What To Wear: Sleeveless Tops During The Last Days Of Summer

what to wear during summer
What To Wear: Sleeveless Tops During The Last Days Of Summer
Cami / Fringe Necklace (tassel love!) / Coach Clutch / Gorjana Gia Ring Set / Michael Kors Crossover Bangle (so pretty!) / Crystal Earrings / Nail Polish in Light Pink / Cutout Sandals / Rose Midi Skirt (beautiful floral)

Everywhere I look everyone seems to be preparing for fall but I am just not there yet. As much as the thought of chilly mornings, cozy sweaters, and the crunch of colorful leaves under my feet makes me giddy these last couple weeks the temperatures here have been hotter than they have been all year. With the scotching hot temperatures outside I am finding it hard to focus on the stunning fall clothing that has began trickling into stores and that is featured across the pages of the September magazine issues. So instead of jumping headfirst into fall I encouraging embracing the last few days of summer complete with wearing an abundance of pretty camis (other favorites are this pleated number and this cami with a high neckline).


A Surprising Item You Should Pack When Traveling

red maxi skirt
red shorts
red suit
red street style
red street style
red street style
A Surprising Item You Should Pack When Traveling
I recently shared how wonderful little red dresses are and today I am going to sing the praises of red once again. When packing for a trip I typically stick to items that can be easily mixed and matched and usually focus on a neutral color palette with one exception: one red item. Whether it is a dress, skirt, or a top a red item adds a little unexpected flare to your wardrobe while traveling. It gives you a fun, slightly sassy pop of color to wear while out of town. Another huge plus is that it really stands out and looks incredible in photographs and who doesn't want to get at least a few vacation photos were they look amazing. Here are a few pretty red items:
Electric Red Shirttail Sweater
Red Pleated Skirt
Cropped Blazer
Midi Skirt
Lattice Trim Shift Dress
Crepe Dress

P.S. Need more convincing check out this Instagram account to see some beautiful places Andrea Dabene has been photographed in her red skirt.

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Chit Chat: Small Town Life

Main Street

Chit Chat: Small Town Girl Technically speaking I live on a farm outside of a very small town. Town is actually about 20 miles away. Growing up on a farm and in a small town has been amazing. Being on a farm surrounded by other family members has been a lot of fun. As a kid I roamed the woods around the farm with my siblings and cousins. We would play all kinds of imaginative games out there. Being the youngest along with my sister Tiffany we always had the worst roles in these games, like being monkeybirds (if you never saw Pirates of Dark Waters as a kid you definitely need to rectify this situation that you are currently in). But we always had a blast with the others. During the Summer at night we would hunt fire flies and play hide-and-go-seek. During the Winter we would thrive on snow days and have massive snow ball fights and sled races. We loved sledding but we almost always crashed into things. It was great having so many friends around to play with and to do things with.
My siblings and I always loved going into town with Mom or Dad. You can honestly drive from one side of town to the under in under 5 minutes. Navigating a small town is easy and everything is so easy to find and to get to. Small towns are just so interesting and unique with so many locally owned small businesses. Living in or around a small town means that everyone knows everyone and that you are always running into people you know. This means you can almost always count on running into someone to talk or in finding help if you should need it. There is such a sense of community here because of how well you know everyone.