Laced Up

fall fashion trend lace
fashion trend lace
Laced Up
Alice + Olivia Lace Top / Self-Portrait Lace Dress / Embroidered Lace Dress / Embroidered Blouse (sexy!) / Soft Cup Bra / Midi Dress (so pretty) / Lace Midi Skirt / Lace Crop Top / Scarf / Gray Lace Midi Skirt / Ganni Lace Dress

Are you a fan of Project Runway? I love it, mainly because I think Tim Gunn is amazing. I once saw on an older episode of Project Runway where Tim was telling one of the designers that they needed to be careful with lace or it would look matronly. I am sure Tim did not mean all lace because I have always felt that lace is extremely feminine and charming. I also think it is incredibly sexy without revealing too much, like this blouse.

Lace fashion is going to be a huge trend this upcoming fall and I have been looking for just the right lace pieces to add to my closet. Although it is trend I think that if you get the rights pieces in classic silhouettes that they will remain pieces that you can wear over the years and always look sophisticated. Lace was already on my mind almost a year ago when I suggested wearing a combination of leather and lace.

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Stylish for Less: Under $50

Floral Bow Peplum Dress $35 so gorgeous - Black Quilted Crossbody $35 - Coral Midi Dress $37 - Biker Jacket $49.99 add some edge - Blazer $34.99 - Bow Flats $28.33 - Bird Patterned Blouse $24.99
Stylish for Less: Under $50

Let's face it, we all want to look good. When you are beautifully dressed, you just feel better about yourself. Being in an outfit that you love just gives you a little confidence booster that helps you all day long. Don't you have that favorite look in your closet that you wear when you know you are going to need a little boost that day? Why not make all your looks favorites? Well, for one thing clothes are expensive and not all of us have the adequate funds to just go out and buy everything we love. That's when you have to get creative. Check out all of your favorite shops and even try some new places. Look online for the best deals. Check out secondhand stores for great buys.

I think all of the above pieces could be incorporated into looks that would definitely boost my mood. The best thing about all of them is that they are all under $50, with the majority of them being under $35. My absolute favorite item in the collage above is this dress. At under $40 it is an absolute steal, don't you agree? With some great black heels, a black bag, and some simple gold studs it would make a perfect look for work. Maybe even add a black blazer. My second favorite piece above is this. It wouldn't really be for work, but I could definitely see myself wearing it all the time outside of work. Running errands, going to a concert, hanging out with friends- all of these would be perfect opportunities.


9 Documentaries To Watch

best documentaries to watch
9 documentaries to watch
Lately I have been watching so many documentaries. I find that they have become my go to when I planning on watching tv alone. I bet most of my family and friends have no idea about my documentary obsession. Below are 9 of my favorites that you really must watch.

Mademoiselle C // A documentary for fashionistas that follows Carine Roitield, a former editor of Vogue Paris, as she launches her own magazine CR Fashion Book. This documentary offers a fascinating view of Carine who has built a reputation as one of the fashion world's most significant influencers.

Maidentrip // This documentary chronicles the journey of a 14 year old who sets out on a 2-year voyage in pursuit of her dream to be the youngest person ever to sail around the world.

Girl Rising // This tells the story of 9 girls in 9 different countries around the world and show the power of education to change the world. The girls featured in this documentary are unforgettable.

20 Feet From Stardom // Behind every superstar singer is a group of backup singers who help to make songs a hit while receiving little recognition. This documentary features incredibly talented backup singers and explores how they never made it to stardom themselves.

Fame High // Follows students at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. This school is competitive and full of high pressure. I loved seeing how passionate these high schoolers are about their art.

First Position // This documentaries follows 6 young dancers from around the world as they prepare for one ofthe most prestigious ballet competitions in the world. It is amazing how dedicated and driven the kids are.

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel // This documentary does an amazing job of telling the story of Diana Vreeland's life and career. Her impact on the fashion world is legendary.

The September Issue // I am obsessed with Anna Wintour. This documentary chronicles her preparations for the 2007 fall fashion issue. Ms. Wintour is one savvy business woman.

Ballerina // Okay so I so want to be a graceful and talented ballerina and maybe that is why I was drawn to watching this documentary. It follow 5 Russian ballerinas with amazing artistry and technique. You see behind the scenes, rehearsals, classes, and what life is like to be a Russian ballerina.


5 Denim Must Haves

5 Denim Must Haves

Denim is a closet staple for everyone and I'm not just talking about denim jeans here. Denim comes in all different shapes and colors. It's a fabric that can be very casual or dressed up depending on the wash and how you form the rest of your look. I believe that there are 5 denim must haves that every girl should have in her closet. These 5 pieces are necessary for a well rounded closet because they can be used to create so many different looks. Another great thing about denim is that it is a material that we wear year round and these must have pieces work year round too.

I know denim jeans are a staple in my closet. When I'm not going to work or off to one of those rare occasions that requires a dress I'm in jeans. Most family get-togethers or casual evenings with friends finds me dressed in jeans. So out of these 5 pieces, jeans are the most important to me. What denim pieces are a must for your wardrobe?

ONE // Denim Button Down Shirt. These are perfect on their own or layered over another top. When layering I like to use a print like a stripe or a floral for underneath.

TWO // Denim Jacket. For me this is more of a Fall or Spring piece, but it also works on cool Summer nights or in a layered look for Winter. I love a denim jacket over a cute dress. It just provides a little toughness to a feminine dress.

THREE // Denim Shorts. Definitely a Summer staple here. Throw on a casual tee and slip on sneakers and you are good to go.

FOUR // Denim Skirt. A skirt is one way to wear denim to work on a semi-casual day. Whether you pair it with a tee or a nicer top it works either way.

FIVE // Denim Jeans. I'm sure most people own at least a half dozen pairs of denim jeans in different cuts and washes. For me, out of all the choices, every girl should have a nice dark wash jean. A good dark wash is very easy to dress up for work or to wear in a casual look when hanging out with friends.

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