Happy Independence Day

summer at the beach
Happy Independence Day
Jessica and I are taking the weekend off to celebrate the holiday weekend and Jessica's birthday with family and friends. Summer is flying by and we hope that the pause this weekend will help us remember to enjoy every moment before summer has passed us by. Have a great Independence Day.

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Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!
I have spent the last couple of days running errands and getting everything in order for this weekend. The 4th of July weekend is always a big one for my family. Everyone on my mom's side of the family comes in for a big family reunion at my grandma's house. We catch up with one another and chit chat about what has been going on. We always eat some delicious homemade food. On Sunday we all go to church together. So the past few days I have also been cleaning and getting things ready for company.

Also my birthday is July 4th, so my parents and siblings will make a birthday dinner for me to celebrate. We will gather and have a good meal followed by a delicious dessert! Obviously a cake. Then we will have some family fun together and I will get presents. YAY! Then of course we will enjoy some fireworks that my dad and brother set off. What's your 4th of July weekend look like?

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Essentials For The Perfect Day Home Alone

what you need to relax at home
essentials for the perfect day at home alone
Sticky Buns (so good!) / Pajama Top / Apple TV / Polishing Body Brush / Deep Sleep Bath Oil (a splurge but so worth it) / Pajama Shorts / The Silkworm / Mug / Slippers / diptyque Candle / Pom Pom Blanket (love this)

A few days ago I was sitting with a group of attorneys in the courtroom while we waited for our cases to be called before the judge. Everyone was talking about all of these great places they were wishing they could escape to such as the beach. As the conversation continued I piped in and said, "I just want to stay home and watch Netflix." My statement received a few laughs but is so true.

I am all for days spent traveling to fun places, socializing with friends, or running around town to either visit favorite local spots or try new things. While I love doing all of these things days in which I have no plans, no responsibilities, and no where to be always rank among the best days I could have. I especially love these days when I can spend them totally alone. There is something so calming and balancing about having 12 or 24 hours completely to yourself. I think it good for the soul.

Above are a few of my essentials for a perfect day at home alone including comfy pajamas and necessities for a luxurious bath. I read this book recently and cannot wait to pick up the second book in the series soon. What are some of your essentials for a perfect day at home alone?

P.S. I talk more about alone time here and I discussed how I like to spend my free time here.


Chit Chat: Playing Catch Up

Chit Chat: Playing Catch Up
Tracy and I have been having a blast since Friday with company. Our cousin came up for the weekend. He is the one that owns over 200 board games and any time he is up he brings a carload of them so that we can have board gaming marathons. So we have spent the last 3 days playing board games, having delicious food, and having Big Bang Theory marathons. Being busy having all this fun has put us behind schedule though. We haven't gotten any blogging done or ran any errands.

Every time our cousin comes, he brings a lot of games that we have never played before along with a few of our favorites. One of our favorites that he always brings is Mice and Mystics. It is a board game that also involves a story. You play a chapter at a time, so it can take weeks to actually finish the game and that's not including the expansions for it. The story is so interesting though! New games that we tried and loved this time in Smash Up and the game Agents of Smersh. Check them out on Amazon. Do you know any great games?

We also had book club on Saturday. We met at our friend Deidra's house to discuss The Rosie Project. It was a pretty good book. Not a book I would have chosen for myself and that is a good thing about book club. The other members constantly choose books that I wouldn't have chosen for myself, so I am finding things that I have loved but would have never found on my own. Hopefully, I have chosen books that have helped my friends in the same way. Next month we meet to discuss Pines by Blake Crouch. It looks like an interesting book, so I hope it turns out that way!

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