6 Tips for Creating an Amazing Halloween Tablescape

Candlestick - Faux Crows - Black Pumpkin - White Pumpkin - Wine Glass - White Dinner Plate - Taper Candles - Votive Candles - Black Owl Candleholders - Black Birdcage Lantern - Purple Dinner Napkin - Black Tablecloth - Gold Flatware - Purple Table Runner

Halloween will be here before we know it. I am definitely looking forward to it. I love all of the costumes and candy. Tracy and I always give out candy to all of the kids in their cute costumes. This year I am really looking forward to our Halloween party. We have invited some of our closest friends and family. We have been decorating and planning our costumes. One thing we have to consider is the Halloween table setting.

STEP 1 // Pick a Color Scheme Orange, black, purple, and green are the colors that I most associate with Halloween. Above I chose to keep things black and white with pops of purple, by going with these colors my tablescape is clearly Halloween and not for Thanksgiving. Having mostly neutral items with pops of an accent color are perfect for me. The neutral items will be easy to keep and reuse at other times.

STEP 2 // Vary Heights For a tablescape you want to create a variety of heights. On a Halloween table you can create various heights by choosing different sized pumpkins or candles or by finding candlesticks at staggering heights.

STEP 3 // Simple Dishes You do not need to buy specific plates and dishes for Halloween, stick with the classic white or black. Again this will allow you to use the item year-round.

STEP 4 // Halloween Decor What Halloween items do you want to decorate with? Pumpkins are a classic item. Skeletons, crows, spiders, cauldron, potion bottles, etc. are also good items to decorate a Halloween table.

STEP 5 // Use Nature Keep your budget in mind when creating a tablescape, so using natural elements can really help with that. Growing your own pumpkins and gourds can be great decorations. Fill a vase with twigs you have gathered and add lights to them for a centerpiece.

STEP 6 // Be Creative Cut costs and make the table more personal with creative touches. Use mini pumpkins and gourds as place cards. Hollow out a pumpkin and use it as a vase. Create your own drink for the occasion and fill a cauldron with it.

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Charlotte Olympia Chinese Zodiac Flats

Year of the Rabbit my Chinese Zodiac - Year of the Rooster
Year of the Snake love the color - Year of the Monkey
Year of the Dragon - Year of the Dog Tracy's Chinese Zodiac

Charlotte Olympia Chinese Zodiac Flats I have always been a huge fan of Charlotte Olympia flats. They are just so beautiful and unique. I love the bold colors and the details added to the flats. Tracy and I have always adored the Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection. Tracy being a Leo and me a Cancer love our corresponding flats in that collection. Now, with the Charlotte Olympia Chinese Zodiac Collection I am in love again with a pair of shoes! If you want to check out the rest of the Eastern Cosmic Collection, you can find it here.

What To Wear: Apple Picking

what to wear apple picking
What to Wear: Apple Picking
Cable Sweater / Necklace / Plaid Shirt / Aviator Sunglasses / Earrings / Cambridge Satchel / Leather Boots / Skinny Jeans

Have you ever been apple picking? I haven't but it seems like a quintessential fall activity. I have heard about several apple farms nearby who are having weekend fall festivals in the upcoming weeks. If my schedule permits I would love to fit an apple picking expedition into my fall to do list. All of the apples for fall baking would be a huge plus. Above is my ideal outfit for apple picking complete with flat brown leather boots and a cable knit sweater.


Print Moto Jackets

print biker jackets
print biker jacket
Print Moto Jacket
Grey Gardens Jacket / Leopard Print Calf Hair and Leather Jacket / Floral Biker Jacket / Leopard Print Jacket / Floral Moto Jacket / Printed Leather Biker Jacket / Liberty Flower Jacket / Quilted Biker Jacket

I have had a huge obsession with moto jackets for years. They are versatile and add a little edge to my mostly otherwise extremely feminine closet. We have shared our feelings on biker jackets before ( here and here). I have recently been spotting moto jackets with prints like florals and leopard popping up. Although I still prefer the classic black the prints make a fun alternative.