Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend! I am so excited that Friday is here! Last weekend was busy with the conference and all and I just feel like I didn't get any time to relax. Then this week was busy. I had to stay really late on two evenings to finish some work and to help out with our academic team. This weekend is looking like a very busy weekend too. What about your weekend?

This evening Tracy and I are going to make some more treats for our Halloween party. Then tomorrow we will finish getting everything ready and we will have our party tomorrow night. How do you get ready for throwing a party or having a lot of guests at one time? We have tried to delegate our tasks and accomplish some every night this week, so that on Friday and Saturday we wouldn't be hectic and going crazy trying to get everything done last minute.

I am so excited! I can't wait for everyone to show up in their costumes. Costume parties just seem like so much fun. I haven't ever been to a costume party before. Have you? What was your costume? I really hope everyone has a great time. We always have fun when our friends and family are around and that is why we decided to have this party. Hopefully it is a success! What are your weekend plans?

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Friday Favorites

favorite fall items
Friday Favorites
Blanket Scarf / Crystal Leaf Earrings / Military Anorak Jacket / Joules "Molly" Rain Boots / Ring Set / Pom Pom Velvet Slippers / Kate Spade Watch / Mini Transport Tote

It is shaping up to be a busy day for me. I have a hugely important document that has to be filed with the Court before the end of the day so I am stopping by for just a few minutes to share a few of my favorites today.

My favorites this week include some great items for fall like blanket scarves ( this one comes in 6 great colors) and this military inspired jacket. I would love to add another pair of Joules rain boots to my closet. I got my first pair last year and they are a constant go to whenever it is overcast. Finally before I sign off, I want to point out how pretty these earrings are.


What I Wish I Was Wearing

plaid blanket scarf
What I Wish I Was Wearing
I am likely the only person in Kentucky who is borderline devastated by the weather forecasts calling for temperatures near or above 70 for the next several days. I mean, come on. It is fall. I want a crisp bite in the air that screams for layers and declares scarves a necessity. I love that the look above is very simple but also so chic. Dark wash jeans are a closet staple for me and now I am kind of convinced that I need a tailored burgundy blazer. A plaid blanket scarf has been on my wish list for the last couple months. Have you seen this scarf? I love it but am having a hard time deciding what color to purchase.

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Stylish for Less: Cats Under $35

Tiger Sweater $22.88 - Cat Scarf $19.99 - Cat Coin Purse $11.37 - iPhone Case $14.99 - How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity $12.99 - Black Cat Print $32 - Yellow Cat Skater Dress $27

Stylish for Less: Cats Under $35 Everyone needs a few whimsical items in their closet. Those pieces that might be a little silly and cute. They display a little personality and humor. For me those pieces might involve cats. I just love my cats so much and cats really are one of my favorite animals. They are so beautiful and cuddly. I would love a cute item with a cat or cats on it. In June, on our trip to Florida, I bought a cat coin purse at a Kate Spade store. I love it and everyone always comments on how adorable it is. What whimsical items do you have?