DIY Hair Ties

DIY Hair Ties Supplies
Fold Over Elastic

1. Cut off an 8-10 inch long piece of fold over elastic, depending on how thick your hair is.
2. Fold in half.
3. Knot.
4. You need to seal the edges of the hair tie, use the lighter to singe them.

These hair ties were so easy to make. Tracy and I ended up making a lot of these very quickly. I did the calculations and we made our hair ties for under 9 cents a piece. You pay dollars for these at a store! We have already ordered some more fold over elastic so that we can make more in a variety of colors and patterns.

If you like the glittery jewelry dishes we have the hair ties sitting on in this picture, you can find the DIY information here.


Waiting For The Weekend: Weekender Bags

Distressed Jeans and Weekender Bag
Waiting For The Weekend: Weekender Bags
A great weekender bag is an essential item to have for a spur of the moment getaway or a weekend out of town. With the upcoming summer I hope we all manage to squeeze a few quick escapes into our calendars. I received a great weekender for Christmas (a similar one can be found here) and I have been surprised by how many times I have already put it to good use. This weekender is another favorite of mine. You can find two other weekenders for under $100 here and here. Some more of my favorites are below.

Best Weekender Bags
Classic Barrel Bag / Cassidy Vegan Weekender (a classic) / Deux Lux Bag / Filson Small Duffel / No-Fuss Weekender Bag (only $25!) / Red Ikat Weekender

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What to Wear: Strawberry Print

What to Wear: Strawberry Print Spring is the perfect time for a berry print to enter your closet. Berries are rich, bold colors and any print incorporating them will be a bold, beautiful print. I love the strawberry print blouse below and this berry print tee is amazing. I think with a print like this you want to keep the rest of the look solid and in matching colors. Neutral accessories are perfect for prints like this. This look was inspired by Shari's Berries #SweetStyle. What are your thoughts on these prints? How would you style one?

Strawberry Print Blouse (the perfect Spring print) - Red Solitaire Studs - Red NARS Lipstick - Red Slim Trousers - White Leather Envelope Clutch - White Heels - Paint Splatter Sunglasses

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White Pants for Spring/Summer

White pants yellow blazer

white pants with stripes
white pants with pastels
white pants with chambray top

Friday Favorites A must have item for Spring and Summer is a pair of white pants. White clothes always look so crisp and classic. These pants being white are easily dressed up or down. I think white pants are so chic paired with other white clothes and accessories. They also look great paired with other neutrals but you can also make a bold statement by pairing them with bright, bold colors. Which way would you wear white pants? I think that for work I would either go all white or with other neutrals and then for a more casual look I would go with bright colors.

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