3 Floral Dresses for Spring/Summer

Wildflower Print Dress - Large Floral Print Dress - Pink and Green Dress

3 Floral Dresses for Spring/Summer
While my sinuses and allergies do not appreciate all of the things blooming and growing out, I can't help but love the beauty of nature. This even extends to my wardrobe. Nature and floral prints are always so beautiful. With a great print you really don't have to do much else to complete the look. Usually with colorful floral prints I like a simple flat or heel and simple jewelry. Statement pieces aren't needed when you have a bold print, unless of course you want to wear one. I absolutely love this dress. The colors are beautiful together and it looks so happy with the bright colors. What are your thoughts?

Chit Chat: Feeling Spent

making sunday breakfast
Chit Chat: Feeling Spent
I am so over the glorification of being busy. Everyone is busy. I like being productive. I love the feeling that comes with putting forth effort and seeing the resulting accomplishments but I hate being busy and I take no pride in overextending myself with an overbooked calendar.

The last couple months have been particularly jammed packed and stressful for me. Work has been nonstop and refusing to slow down. Plus a side project that I have has also been piling it on, which I am thankful for (the extra income is really nice) but I am finding it harder and harder to meet the demands of everything and it is nearly impossible to fit everything on my calendar.

Last Friday when I made it home from work I was grumpy, irritated, and exhausted. I called this being spent because that is exactly how I was feeling. All my energy used up with nothing else to give.

Although I knew it would have been wise to use this weekend to schedule a few blog posts for this week, doing errands, cleaning my embarrassingly messy house, and getting a jump start on work for this weekend I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I felt like even I tried it would have been half-hearted attempts with subpar results. I have yet to even look at my inbox in days simply because I know it is going to be incredibly overwhelming.

This weekend I shutdown. I slept more than I have in months. During the times between naps I read and caught up on the shows on my DVR. That is it. I feel like I needed this weekend in order to make it through the next few weeks so I took it. I may regret not powering through more work in the upcoming days right now I know I made the right decision.

How do you handle feeling spent?

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Around The Web

favorites from the web
around the web
This Dress // flirty and slightly sporty. A fun little dress to wear all through summer.
This Sky High Strawberry Shortcake // has me counting down the days until local, fresh strawberries are available.
This photo // has me wishing I had a sofa in a cheery color instead of the boring beige number currently sitting in my living room.
These earrings // are a favorite of mine. I am wearing the pair I own constantly.
These pretty watercolors // are an example of Shannon Kirsten's work. You can purchase some of her items here.


Our Favorite Recipes

Friday Favorites
We have had such busy weeks and weekends so far in April that we have not had time to try any new recipes. I have a huge folder of recipes that I want to try. I have pages in cookbooks marked, pages ripped out of magazines, and print outs from online of things that I want to try. Since we didn't get to try anything new, I thought I would point out a few of my favorite recipes that we have made. Maybe they will be new recipes that you will try and love too.

Stuffed French Bread - This is such a delicious sandwich. The cream of onion soup gives it such a nice flavor. Serve with chips and you have a great meal.

Italian Cream Cake - This delicious cake is so easy to make. It has had nothing but rave reviews when we make it here. In a charity auction here, this cake went for more money than any other.

The Pink Flamingo - The Pink Flamingo it great cool drink for a hot summer day. It also turns out to be such a pretty color.

Tomato Cheese Tortellini Soup - Add salad and garlic bread and you have a delicious meal. Plus this is super quick to make.