Chit Chat: My Future Home

My Future Home
I have talked about my dream home on here numerous times before and hopefully that is about to become a reality. I have been thinking about when I could actually make my own home come true for the past year. I have been saving money and thinking about what I actually need and want in my own home. I have had to reign it in a little to be a little more realistic, but I believe that within the next year I will have my own house.

At first I looked around the surrounding area for homes that were for sale within my price range. The thing is that there really aren't that many places for sale around here that wouldn't put me further from work than I am now. My one absolute must is that I don't make my commute to work any longer than it is now at 25 minutes. A few of the homes that I know about aren't in the best neighborhoods so those were immediately nixed off the list. Another strike against a lot of the homes for sale was that they were quite old. They looked like they were in good shape but at their ages they could have problems that I couldn't immediately see.

My dad was the first person to suggest that I just build a new home. Then I could choose where I wanted it to be exactly. The good thing about building too is that I can make the home exactly what I want. My dad has already volunteered to do some building for me. He is excellent with carpentry. He built the kitchen cabinets that are in my parent's home and some wooden porch furniture and rocking chairs for them. He will do superb work on the cabinets for me and then I can always say my dad built that for me. He also says he will build some bookcases for me as well. So now, I am off thinking about all of the possibilities and what is really realistic for me. I am thinking about how many rooms are a must and what sizes are adequate for those rooms. What size of house is just right for me? What do I want it to look like?

Right now I am figuring out where my home will be. My next step is to acquire the necessary land. Then actually plan what I want. We are already so close to Winter now that I figure I will have to wait until it is over before building actually begins. I am so excited. Do you have any experience in building or planning your home? What advice do you have for me?

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One Of Those Weeks

working from home
One Of Those Weeks
I had a different post planned for today and it was something I was really excited about writing but yesterday everything kind of hit me. It is my own fault. By being maybe overly ambitious and saying that I can do everything I am now worried that I have gotten in over my head with the amount of work that I need to get complete. Not only is it going to be one of those weeks it is not going to be any better next week.

I have commented on here before about how summer is a quietest time at my office but summer has definitely given way to fall over the last couple weeks. If you are a regular reader of this blog you likely know that I am a lawyer. Besides my job in a small law firm I also do some work on my own during my free time. I knew I was going to be busy with numerous days scheduled in court over the next couple weeks plus numerous projects scheduled at the office when another attorney I have been trying to get a meeting with for months called over the weekend and asked if I would be willing to accept a contract to write an appeal for her. I did not hesitate in saying yes.

Unfortunately a large chunk of the time to get the appeal submitted to the Court of Appeals has passed. Now I have to really hustle to fit getting brought up to date on the case, reviewing the files, doing the research, and drafting the appeal brief into my already jammed pack schedule that also includes entertaining an out of town guest next weekend.

Weeks like this make me anxious. There is so much to get done. I want to do a great job and I am thankful for opportunities likes these that may help me propel myself forward but these times also remind me that I still struggling to find job I love and a place where I want to be. Thanks for letting me vent and please be forgiving if I fall a little behind with posts and responding to emails these next couple weeks.

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The Sunday Edition

chocolate chip cinnamon rolls
The Sunday Edition
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I want to cross off all the items on this to-do list this fall.

Big plans to bake these brown butter chocolate chip cinnamon rolls ASAP.

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Career Spotlight: Angela Parker Kennedy // Olive Yew

Career Spotlight: Olive Yew
When it comes to jewelry I like pieces that are simple and beautiful. Pieces that are timeless. Jewelry that I can wear anywhere at any time. Olive Yew creates pieces that are just what I am looking for. Their jewelry is perfect for any occasion and perfect for any style. Designer and Founder of Olive Yew, Angela Parker Kennedy left her previous job to realize her dream of making jewelry. We are so lucky that she took time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us and to share some advice.

What is your background?

My bachelors degree is in fine art. I went on to work in graphic design for around 15 years working in mostly print advertising. Late in my career I tried web design, SEO and SEM.

What is the story behind the concept of Olive Yew?

My last "job" moved into a contract position, allowing me to work from home, and less hours. I decided to take a metal smithing class with my new spare time and loved it. So I applied all that I knew about advertising to my new company and luckily, it worked.

When did you know it was time to launch your business and what steps did you take?

I didn't so much know it was time to launch my own business, I just knew I couldn't continue working for someone else. I had always admired business owners and knew several - my husband being one. It looked like the least risky time to begin a business, so I took the jump.

What are the biggest lessons you have learned since launching your business?

Never hire friends and never loan money. Those are things I heard all of the time, but they are SO very true. Be very careful who you hire and just how much you share. I have been fortunate in hiring some great people. It's heartbreaking when that's not the case - and unfortunately I've experienced that as well. Document everything and make sure you have a good lawyer and accountants. As you grow, they will be necessary and help guide you in the right direction.

What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

Our first two years we grew very quickly. I worked many 18 hour days trying to fill orders alone. My biggest obstacle was finding (and keeping) a good team around me.

What does a typical day look like for you?

There is no typical day. Showing up late to work with my dog is as typical as it gets!

What is the best part of your job?

Little things that aren't so little. I love that I can make my own schedule and bring my dog to work! But let's be real - I also get to choose who I work with, where I work and what I work on. I love it!

And to keep it real, what is the worst?

You're never really "off". Even on vacation I sneak peeks at analytics and sales. Also, it's never a "steady" paycheck so it's sometimes hard to plan for large things like buying a new house. But I'm not complaining.

Looking back is there anything you wish you had done differently?

Speaking of that team, I think I wish I had taken much more time in hiring good employees. In the heat of the moment with orders rushing in sometimes pushes small business owners to hire too quickly out of desperation. Poor employees can sap the energy of existing good employees and I learned the very hard way that one bad apple can quickly begin to spoil to bunch. If you think you need to fire someone, act quickly. Don't think they will change their work ethic or overall disposition - they won't.

What is a goal you have for your business that you hope to accomplish in the next year or two?

We're working hard on becoming more organized with an annual marketing PLAN. So that's a big goal right now.

Being a busy business owner how do you stay organized?

We use smartsheet to help us in planning (budgeting, marketing calendars, etc). It's been very helpful. I also use my iPhone for everything from scheduling appointments to setting my alarm.

What has been one surreal moment you've experienced since launching Olive Yew?

It was early on when I was contacted about having a pair of earrings featured in Self magazine. It was also surreal the first night I left Olive Yew after moving the business out of my home. I felt like I was leaving my baby for the first time and was certain the place would burn down or get robbed overnight! I've chilled down a little since then (and a good alarm system).

What is your best piece of advice for others who hope to someday be a business owner?

Know that everything changes quickly and things don't always go according to plan. Look for opportunities in those changes. Things usually turn out for the best and I learned the most from some of the hardest moments. Also, you don't have to spend a lot on advertising. It's often better to learn more instead of spend more.

You can learn more about Olive Yew by checking out their:

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