Friday Favorites

Kate Spade Glitter and Crystal Sneaker - Lime Skirt - Michael Kors Patterned Top
Cluster Stone Statement Necklace - Colorful Patterned Top - Heart Print Blouse

Friday Favorites Yay! It's Friday! Personally, I feel like this every week. The work week is about to end and my weekend is about to begin. This week most of my favorite items deal with things that I could wear to work. All of the blouses above are pretty and I love the different prints. Prints are beautiful in bold colors and in black and white. I love bold prints like the floral top and simple prints like the heart print top. The lime colored skirt would be fun for evenings out with the girls. What items are you loving right now?


Bookworm: Currently Reading

Bookworm: Currently Reading I love to read and I always have a stack of books in the corner of my room that I want to read. Usually, I pull a few from that stack that I want to read first. Reading is an activity that I enjoy. It is so easy to escape reality with a good book. You can get transported to other places and other times. Reading is just so relaxing and calming to me.

Right now I am reading Wicked, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Dracula, and Little Women. I have been reading Wicked for our very first book club meeting this weekend. I haven't finished it yet, but I can definitely say that this book is not what I expected it to be. I have always loved fairy tales and ever since I started watching the tv show Grimm, I have been more interested in Grimm's fairy tales. As for Dracula and Little Women, I received a Barnes and Noble gift card a couple of months ago and they were two of the books I picked out. I haven't started Dracula yet, but I am excited to get to it. Little Women is a book that I have read several times and that I absolutely love. The strong bond between sisters is something that I can relate too.

Have you read the books that I am currently reading? What books to do you recommend?

Stylish For Less: Under $50

finds under $50
Stylish For Less: Under $50
Fancy Tee / Pleated Skirt / Smitten Kitten Tee / Smitten Kitten Tee (adorable!) / Sleep Tank / Tassel Backpack / Tassel Charm Necklace (pretty in pink) / Peg Trousers / Silky Boxers / Booties / Printed Bralette (so lovely and $20!) / Crossover Lace Bralette

I have been itching to do some major shopping lately but I am desperately trying to watch my budget. Drafting Stylish For Less posts are especially good during these times. They help me remember that I do not have to blow my entire paycheck to purchase some really great finds like this graphic tee and perfect for fall booties. Both pieces of this pajama set (shorts and tank) total only $35 and are great for people like me who like to be a little cool when sleeping and cannot stand to wear anything confining while in bed. Have you spotted any great deals lately that I need to know about?


Easy DIY Halloween Spider Picture Frames

easy diy spider picture frame
Easy DIY Halloween Spider Picture Frame
We love Halloween. It is odd but I love Halloween so much more now as a grownup than I did when I was a child. I started almost a month ago planning our upcoming Halloween party and have had my Halloween costume for a few weeks already. We started last pulling out our Halloween supplies last weekend to take stock of what decorations we currently have and what we want to purchase this year.

I saw a photo of spider picture frames decorating a home somewhere last year and when I remembered the image last weekend I knew it would be so easy to recreate. It barely took 10 minutes and only a few dollars worth of supply to make these two spooky spider picture frames.

easy halloween decoration
easy spider halloween decoration
easy halloween spider picture frame

White Paper
Hot Glue Gun
Plastic Spiders/Bugs
Picture Frames

halloween craft spider picture frame

1. Cut the white paper to size to fit inside the picture frames.
2. After placing the white paper inside the picture frames use the hot glue gun to adhere the plastic spiders/bugs in your desired location on the outside of the glass.
3. Allow the glue to dry.