Heavenly Scents

One of the first things that anyone notices about a person, a place, or a thing is smell. People wear lotion, perfume, or cologne so that they will smell good. Some objects do not smell but others do. In our personal spaces like our homes, work spaces, and cars we use candles, air fresheners, or reed diffusers to give the place a pleasing scent. Naturally, we are put off by smells that are unpleasant and love things that smell good. We all have certain smells or scents that we love. For places I enjoy tropical scents like Mango and Papaya or Hawaiian Breeze.
Some scents that I find delightful for me (pictured above) are:
Mango Temptation Lotion from Victoria’s Secret $9 victoriassecret.com
Tommy Girl $26 asos.com
Vera Wang Princess $72 apothica.com
Ralph Lauren Blue $45 yesstyle.com

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