Why Should You Care?

We have just celebrated Earth Day, which is all about protecting the Earth and going green to help the cause. We hear all the time about how we should recycle, buy green products, diminish our carbon footprint, and so on. How often have you taken the time to think about why we should do all those things and more?1) 25% of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from flora that come from the Amazon rainforest and less than 1% of those tropical trees and plants have been tested by scientists.
2)The skin absorbs 60% of the products you put on it! Meaning the average woman absorbs more than 4 pounds of cosmetics in her lifetime. 3)In 2008, the polar bear became the first animal to be added to the Endangered Species Act list of threatened species because of global warming. As sea ice disappears, polar bear mortality raises. Researchers have also noticed that polar bears are 1/3 smaller than they use to be, believed to be caused by a shortage of food for them. 4)Warmer weather threatens the hunting abilities of the Canadian Lynx. This adorable creature is adapted to hunting where there are large snowfalls, warmer weather means less snow. 5)Global warming causes ocean temperatures to increase killing coral reef. Coral reefs provide food and shelter to fish and the loss of them in some areas has caused fish diversity in the areas to drop by 50%.

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