The Icing on the Cake

Pink Cake Box Cake

As we have mentioned before, during this time of year we get invited to a lot of wedding showers and weddings. At a wedding there are two things that I look forward to seeing the most because of their (usually) stunning beauty. Those two things are revealed at different points in a wedding celebration. During the actually wedding ceremony I look forward to that moment when the bride makes her picturesque appearance and walks down the aisle. During the reception afterwards it is the wedding cake that I can't wait to see. Wedding cakes are scrumptious, artistic creations. The cutting of the cake ceremony is a very symbolic traditional. It is the first thing the bride and groom do together as a married couple and feeding each other the first bite symbols that they will always care for one another.
The Pink Box
Pink Cake Box Cake Pink Cake Box CakePink Cake Box Cake

Every girl out there dreams about the perfect wedding and a beautiful wedding cake is just a small part of that perfect day.


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  2. ohh the cakes are sooo cute, just like a princess. I love so much the peach color.
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  3. Ahh they look so pretty! Too nice to eat, actually. Haha really great pictures you have!




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