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After a long winter, this summer is the perfect time to vamp up your patio. With the warmer weather it's an excellent time to spend your mornings, evenings, or nights relaxing out in the sunlight (or moonlight depending on whether you are relaxing during the day or at night) with a good book or with some family or friends. My mom wants to eat lunch out on the patio every day that the weather permits and with friends and family visiting more when the weather is good the patio is a great way to have the extra space for more people to visit. Sometimes the patio offers an escape from the hectic things happening inside the house, so I like to get away from it all by sneaking out to the patio to pet the cats or to read a magazine or book. If the patio is going to be a place to enjoy yourself, to have fun with friends and family, and if it is going to be an escape from stress shouldn't it be comfortable and cute?

I think this patio furniture is adorable and it offers multiple seats and tables. I love the color of this patio furniture. It is so cheerful and looks so comfortable. I would love to have a fire pit on my patio. It would be cozy to have this going at night and when the weather starts getting cooler. I think these solar lamps are so cute. They would look good sitting around the patio to provide some extra light at night.

What would you include in your patio?


via: Target


  1. fabulous ideas for patio decoration. i love the design of the solar lamps!

    for my patio i would definitely have a fire pit and just decorate it like a mystic garden lol. sounds cheesy but whatever haha.

  2. oh don't even start me on this! haha, i really wish my family had a patio, we just have a little front porch. i desperately tried to persuade my parents into getting an actual furtniture set, but they just ended up with wrought iron chairs.:( its b/c of our dumb cats, we have to be careful with what we buy for outside.

  3. all the items looks great for in the garden

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  6. Gorgeous post!! Lovely photos :)

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  9. we have one of those fire thingys! we just used it to make smores! theyre awesome.


  10. Comfy couches are definitely a must!! And nice lamps too. I love the red furniture!

    <3 Kelly


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