You've probably never heard of Quelf. I hadn't either until a few weeks ago when several of my friends and I got together at one of their houses. One of them had brought the game Quelf along for us to try out. She had purchased the game some time ago online (the link is at the bottom of the page incase you are interested in learning more about the game), but we hadn't played a board game in a while so we hadn't tried it yet.
Quelf isn't really like any board game that I have played before. It doesn't have your typical game pieces either. In the picture that I took when we played you can see that we used the fat lady, the platypus, and the ninja monkey (which was my game piece by the way). The object of the game is to roll the dice and make your way to the end of the spiral, winding path.
Along the way (almost after each roll of the dice) you have to draw some type of card. The game has three different types. One type is a kind of factoid where you have to answer questions about really out there things that no one knows about. When you answer incorrectly you have to pay the consequence by moving back so many spaces (so those are the easiest ones to mess up on). Then there are the action cards where you are going to have to do something weird either for a short period of time or until you draw another action card. For example one of my friends had to wrap her hand in alumni foil until her next card or you may have to have several cubes of ice down the back of your shirt until your next turn (which is something I had to do). The action cards also range from have to wrap toilet paper around yourself like a mummy to having to speak like Dracula, to having to having to mutter under your breath like Darth Vader about the dark side. The action card could just be for you or for everyone. The everyone cards give you a choice between two topics like guy flicks vs. chic flicks. After you pick the topic everyone has to take turns saying a something that goes along with your topic until only one person is left and they get the bonus. Then the last type of card is kind of like a mystery card only you know what it says. It will give you instructions for something you have to do at some point int he game to receive a bonus of some sorts. Since no one else knows what it tells you to do you could make up something weird but less embarrassing and claim that you have now completed that card.
It may sound a little confusing but it was definitely a very entertaining time. We had people having to hit their knee and say this gibberish sentence everytime one laughed, to having to run in slow motion around the room, to having to put the nearest tie around your head like a ninja, and so on. Oh and if you don't happen to have the objects at hand that the cards call for like a tie you have to either improvise or take the consequences.




  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game! My friend has it. It's sooooo fun and funny. I had to snort like a pig whenever I laughed (which was quite often), I had to make a mask, and my friend had to act like a dog. idk what else, but I'm in love with this game!! And like nobody's heard of it, so I was soooo like "omgosh, QUELF!" when I saw this!

    xo, gina

  2. i've played quelf! it's pretty hilarious but you have to play with the right people otherwise it's not as fun!


  3. this sounds like a pretty fun game, especially if you play with a load of mates:)

  4. Uhh this sounds funny! Great tip, thank you SO much

  5. I never play board games anymore, it's such a shame!


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