Surfs Up

I don't get a vacation this year but that hasn't stopped me from daydreaming daily about fantastic getaways. I would love to be soaking up the sun and splashing in the water on a beautiful beach. And wouldn't watching the sunset over the ocean be wonderful? I would definitely stay in a lovely beach house right on the beach so I could walk down my steps and be in the sand. Countless hours would be spent on the boardwalk where I could play games, enjoy the lights, and people watch. Nothing would be better at night than gathering a group around a bonfire. Hanging out, toasting marshmellows and listening to music. I would make sure to eat my share of boardwalk food. Tons of ice cream, boardwalk fries. And especially funnel cake. Yummy! I hope I could work up the courage to take a surfing lesson. I've always thought it looks like so much fun but it still intimidates me. I would take some time to build amazing sandcastles. The way this one is lit up is extremely impressive. But most of all I would make sure I had plenty of time to just relax and enjoy being stress free.

♥ Sunny

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  1. This post=pure love. I wanna get away and go to the beach, but I have no time to this summer so I'm pretty sad. But I keep dreaming though! Hope you're enjoying your summer <3

  2. That sun castle looks AMAZING

  3. Thank you so much for stoping by my blog and comment! Means alot to me!
    Gorgeous blog! I love all the pics on this post! You gave me the reason to day dream..cuz i will not go on vacation :/

  4. thank you the comment on my blog,
    andd this post is pretty awesome!! :) x

  5. that's like my ultimate dream to live on the beach, surf all day, have bonfires at night, and have funnel cakes all time time! it's like the perfect lifestyle lol!


  6. great pictures, love them all ♥

  7. pretty photos! i love summer.... that sandcastle is AMAZINGGGG. so cool ha!
    xx. alyssa



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