Getting to Bow You

On a recent shopping trip with my sister I became inspired by bows. We saw this beautiful bow necklace in a window display of a jewelry store. After seeing that I began to notice all the other wonderful things that had bows on them.

Outfit One
Getting to Bow You

This is my favorite look on this post. I just fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it. I love the colors and the way the bow is incorporated into it. I completed this look by pairing it with other olive and dark blue items and by adding in a few more bows with the earrings and ring.

Fleece Hooded Jacket $40 tillys.com
Tights $15 modcloth.com
Nordstrom Knee High Socks $4.50 nordstrom.com
View from Above Dress $105 - modcloth.com
14ct Gold Double Bow Studs $40 asos.com
Olive & Brass Stretch Bracelet $30 1928.com
Platform Pump $49 - nordstrom.com
Dainty Bow Ring $5.59 - missselfridge.com
Chanel Nail Polish refinery29.com
Small Chain Handle Box Bag $70 topshop.com

Outfit Two
Getting to Bow You 2

I started this look with the top. I thought it was so adorable. I added some color to this look with the bright pink skirt. I also thought the bow pattern in these tights was so cute. I could myself wearing this look to work or to a professional meeting.

Black and Grey Coat $64 quizclothing.co.uk
Somerset skirt Cerise $140 houseoffraser.co.uk
Get Your Heart Checked Top $35 - modcloth.com
Leather Bow Pump $98 - whitehouseblackmarket.com
Bow Crystal Necklace $84 $67 - asos.com
Black Sequin Clutch $48 - whitehouseblackmarket.com
Black Sheer Bows Tights $9.58 - missselfridge.com
Silver pierced hoop earring $26 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Outfit Three
Getting to Bow You 3

This sweater dress is so cute and comfy looking. The neutral color would allow it to go with numerous color combination. I decided to go with a taupe and burgundy color combo for this look. This is the more casual look here and would be great for going out to lunch with friends or out to run errands.

Friendly Reminder Dress $48 modcloth.com
Sequin Bow Necklace$20 dawanda.com
Sweet Nothings Stud $44 zappos.com
Bangle Bracelet $18 avalaya.com
Miu Miu peep-toe pumps $670 net-a-porter.com
Opaque Tights $13 anthropologie.com
Fabric flower cluster ring $20 dorothyperkins.com
Surface to Air Shawl Coat $675 barneys.com
Maddox Convertible Tote fossil.com

Random Items
Getting to Bow You 4

Here are some random items with bows that I find simply beautiful. My favorites here include the top with the bow across one shoulder, the pink bow flats, and the necklace.

Mid Grey Tweed Bow Dress $72 missselfridge.com
bow front tunic jumper $45 janenorman.co.uk
Gift of Glam Dress $45 modcloth.com
Cute Leatherette Flats $15 canada.forever21.com
Getting to Bow You Top $58 modcloth.com
Chrissy Ballet Flat $25 endless.com
Paco Mena Ramdal Clutch $53 endless.com
Bow Felt Cloche $48 - jessicasimpsoncollection.com
Oasis Skirts $72 oasis-stores.com
Diamond Bow Ring $84 zales.com
Betsey Johnson Necklace $38 nordstrom.com
Bow-Accent Hobo Bag $45 yesstyle.com

Bows are a simple way to add a feminine touch to any article of clothing or to any accessory. What are some of your favorite bow items?


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  1. oh my goodness, you picked out the cutest things!! I love the bow sweater, and the cute little bow ring. Ok all of it!

  2. Cute Post. Bow are very cute.


  3. I love bows! on clothing & jewelry. they're so cute & feminine! love this post :)

    xo, gina

  4. bows are the most ADORABLE things

  5. Actually I feel inspired and tomorrow I'll use a white bow

  6. Ooohhh I love the eiffel tower earings and necklaces ^^

  7. i really like bow rings because of the way they make whatever its made out of look like ribbon. i find it quite beautiful.


  8. wow, looooooove it :))))



  9. Hi!!! Thank you so much for stopping by! I am a huge bow person, I simply cannot get enough of them. Outfit two is like a little piece of heaven LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

    You have quite eye for trendy clothing!

    I hope you have a lovely thanksgiving

  10. there is something about bows that makes everything so girly and cute! i love bows too!

  11. I love love love bows on shoes! That is just so plain adorable to me. On boots or flats or heels, whatever the shoes be.


  12. I love bows, too! They are so cute!



  13. these are all so cute! i'm loving outfit three!

  14. very cute i love the bows! i can't choose just one ;)


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