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One of my favorite things about fall is getting to wear knits. Sweaters and cardigans are a cozy fashion favorite. I love how the cold mornings and evenings give me a reason to snuggle into a soft, warm sweater. Although many of my summer favorites can be incorporated into my fall and winter wardrobes it gets so hot and humid here in the summer I have to go months without seeing my knits anywhere other than hanging in my closet. I love all of the opportunities for layering the Fall provides. I would love to be able to knit. We have several wonderful followers who can knit and sew and they create absolutely beautiful clothes. I wish I had more patience. I think its important to keep in mind that a sweater should not just be warm but be just as flattering as any other piece of clothing you own. I love how easy it is to dress a sweater up with feminine items.

Ruffle Skirt $99 - calypso-celle.com
Lace Up Ankle Boots $96 - monsoon.co.uk
Handbag $1,630 - louisvuitton.com
Brass Bangle $240 - brownsfashion.com
Gold Heart Necklace $1,160 - pret-a-beaute.com
Silk Scarf $75 - aspinaloflondon.com
Wool Sweater - starstyleinc.com
I love the playing with textures the ruffled skirt and blouse provides with this outfit. There is also a little mixture of patterns because of the border along the ruffles on the blouse and the heart cardigan. This outfit is very playful but still romantic and polished.

Ruffle Blouse $45 - missselfridge.com
Heart Boyfriend Cardi $40 - oasis-stores.com
H&M Skirt $27 - item.taobao.com
Platform Sandals $136 - endless.com
Glasses $315 - net-a-porter.com
Lancome 'Tresor in Love' Fragrance $72 - nordstrom.com
Vintage Chanel Earrings - anothermag.com
The leather jacket, boots, and leather gloves give this look some edge. I love the pairing of a sweater dress with leggings in order to keep your legs covered and warm.

Sweater Dress $40 - oldnavy.gap.com
Leather Jacket $840 - my-wardrobe.com
Burberry Leggings $650 - net-a-porter.com
Boots $995 - net-a-porter.com
Handbag $665 - louisvuitton.com
Leather Button Gloves $560 - brownsfashion.com
I love the pairing of this classic cardigan with the full skirt. The little touches such as the watch brooch and the flower necklace make this outfit feel even more special.

Cardigan $100 - topshop.com
Lace Top $228 - myshape.com
Socks $5 - warehouse.co.uk
Chanel Tote - avelle.com
Flower Hairpins $7.98 - dorothyperkins.com
Watch Brooch $28 - asos.com
Flower Necklace $20 - dorothyperkins.com
Earmuffs $145 - net-a-porter.com
Skirt - stylecaster.com

♥ Sunny
We also want to take a moment to wish our Dad a happy birthday. We love you Dad and we hope you have a wonderful birthday.

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  1. I adore the little looks you put together, you must be super stylish! I like the last one best, very pretty xoxo

  2. that heart cardigan is so adorable. id wear it in a second!


  3. Happy Birthday to your Dad.

    I love Cardigan.


  4. awww happy birthday to your dad!!

    I love knits too!

  5. love the layered looks above. i would adore any one of them : )

  6. I like the last two sets!:D

    Happy Birthday to your Dad!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  7. HAPPY BDAY to your dad!!!! Dad's are the best! Looove knit, love love love

  8. Happy birthday to your dad! Your blog is amazing and I really like your style! New follower! I hope you'll follow me back! Kiss

  9. I also love knits...So cozy and fun! Happy Birthday to your dad, my dear
    Love your blog:)

  10. love wearing knits too. it's hot here year-round, but i wear them anyways and crank up the AC!


  11. I love fall for the kints too. These are some great outfits.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.



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