Lauren Conrad Style: Book Review

I started watching Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County years ago because my best friend was crazy about the show. After Laguna Beach ended I followed Lauren Conrad to The Hills. Lauren has faired much better than many of reality tv's stars and I've admired that about her. She generally isn't the center of scandalous Hollywood gossip. She had some endoresement deals, created her own fashion lines, and written a series of fiction books that have sold very well. When The Hills started I thought Lauren's style really had grown. She was no longer strictly a shorts and flip-flops kind of girl. And since that time I've liked her polished, pulled together look. While Lauren may not be what I consider a fashion icon her style is absolutely something I can relate to and when I see pictures of her she is almost always wearing something I would love to add to my closet. I share her love for classics, big sunglasses, and Chanel. So when Lauren's first style book came out I was looking forward to getting a copy of it. I read it this past weekend and although we've never done a book review before on our blog I thought I would share a few of my thoughts about the book. Lauren Conrad Style is a very easy to read book. I read it in a few hours on Saturday. I think Lauren's personality in the book comes off as being very friendly and I enjoyed the times she would relate her fashion advice back to some prior life experience she has had. The book provides information on the basics, accessories, makeup, how to buy the right jeans, and hair. Most of this information isn't that new. Except for the makeup section for me. I hate to admit it but I'm fairly clueless when it comes to makeup. I was surprised to learn that while filming her reality shows she never had a stylist and she was the one responsible for making sure she never had the same look on twice while filming.

She also provides tips on how to dress for events such as a first date, school, or a job interview. My favorite part of the book was when she showed how to wear the same little black dress in 7 totally different ways by adding just a few other pieces. I liked this because I sometimes miss the potential an article of clothing has and end up always wearing it the same way. I also enjoyed the section that provides advice on how to pack for different vacations because I'm one of those people who always wants to pack everything I own.

While Lauren's book may not be ground breaking, it was a fun read. It has some helpful tips such as how to do a temporary hem and organize your closet. This would be a great book for a young adult building up their wardrobe.

♥ Sunny

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  1. Love lauren Conrads style ans love her style!

  2. I would read that, I love her style! I'm impressed that she was her own sylist for her show!

  3. she seems to be coming out alot nowadays.


  4. I love her :) she's one of my role models and i love laguna beach and the hills, i have seen all of the episodes of both shows. also, i really like whitney port who is similar to her, but honestly i prefer lauren 'coz i think she's more cute girl :)

  5. I've always loved and admired her style. Plus, she's gorgeous!

  6. I think she is beautiful, I love her style, her face, I like her ^^ And I love laguna beach, the hills, the city, amazingggggggggggggg :)

  7. "when I see pictures of her she is almost always wearing something I would love to add to my closet" I always think the same way about her!
    I would love to read her book on style, I also get used to wearing one clothing item the same way, would like some advice on that ))

  8. Lauren Conrad is amazing(L)
    I Love the hills:)

  9. i always liked her.....la candy wasn't my fave, but maybe this will be better. thanks for the suggestion!

  10. I would read this book for sure and I totally love her style:)
    Kisses and wish you a great day

  11. I like she!
    see my blog soon!! :)



  12. I knew Lauren from Laguna Beach too before moving on to the Hills, she was alright to me and typical me, always have a thing for the rebel one like Kristin Cavallari. But she is definitely the better one among them all, the more decent one. Loving her for that! I never know that she actually has a style book, my sister would love it since she is a big fan of her! Thanks for sharing the info!

    Have another awesome day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart

  13. hhuuumm I think what I would like to see from that book would be, how to wear the same dress 7 different ways, 'cause aswell end up wearing a dress the same way. And what to pack for holidays, 'cause I also feel like breaking everything with me "just in case" lol

    Right now I'm having a problem with one of my dresses, I don't know how to wear it, in therms of acessorize, shoes, coat bla bla.


  14. oh this is brilliant. I love, love LC. :) I,too followed her from the Laguana Beach to The Hills. Great post. I have been wanting to read this. x


  15. Thanks so much for this post!!! I have been thinking about getting this book because I adore LC and you just talked me into it!


  16. Love Lauren Conrad, love her style, just love LC :)
    Nice post!

    -xoxo- Roxanne | BALUZ

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