Looking Forward

I have never been a big fan of Mondays. Mondays are the day that begin my work week all over again. Monday- the day that brings wonderful weekends to an end. Mondays are not only an end to the weekend, but the beginning of a whole new week. Being the beginning of the week, it is the day that I usually think of all of the things I have to look forward too. What am I looking forward to right now? Well... let me show you...

I am looking for to Thanksgiving to all of the food and visiting family.

At the end of every work day I look forward to coming home and getting to pet my sweet little cat. Just like the cat in this picture my cat is constantly getting on my laptop, so that he can be between it and me.

The Fall colors are still here and I still love seeing them every time I look outside.

I am REALLY looking forward to the shopping trip that I have planned for this weekend with my sister.

One thing I look forward to every work day is eating lunch. I eat lunch with a wonderful group of women. We always have a great time. It provides a much needed break from work.

I know Thanksgiving hasn't even passed yet, but I am already looking forward to Christmas. I love shopping for everyone, finding the perfect gift, and making sweet treats.


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  1. aw the greys pic made me happy :) i love your list...very similar things that i look forward to, esp petting my dog!

  2. I'm looking Forward to Thanksgiving too. Also Christmas b/c I get to see my dad and mom. Which its been 2 and half years since I have seen them.


  3. awww, this is a cute post! i am looking forward to thanksgiving too, and black friday shopping!, and christmas, of course. oh, and harry potter on friday! :D

    <3, Mimi

  4. Hmmm...what about wood floors...and tile on the walls?


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