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Couples are just one of the reasons we all like certain tv shows. We watch week after week enticed by our favorite tv couples hoping everything works out for them. When something goes wrong we just hate it, because they are perfect for each other. When someone is trying to come between them we hate them for trying to ruin the perfect couple. And when one of our favorite couples are not together we watch waiting for them to come to their senses and realize that YES they are in love with each other and NO they cannot go on without the other. Some of my favorite tv couples are below:

Sawyer and Kate
When LOST first started, Sawyer quickly became one of my favorites. Then when it became obvious that he was in love with Kate, I wanted them to be together so bad. I ALWAYS hated it when she was with Jack, because he was one of my least favorites on the show.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane
We have seen this couple together in numerous superman spinoffs, but I love Smallville. When the show first started I was like Where is Lois Lane? When she first came to the show, I loved how they would always argue and fight with each other.

Leonard and Penny
The Big Bang Theory is a hilarious show! I love the nerdy humor and the characters. Sheldon would have to be my favorite on the show, but Leonard and Penny are one of my favorite tv couples. They're an example of the geek gets the prom queen. I absolutely loved it when Penny told Leonard he had ruined other guys for her by showing her how stupid they are.

Booth and Brennan
Bones is one of my all time favorite shows and Booth and Brennan are a perfect couple. The saying "opposites attract" is definitely true in this case. Brennan being excellent when it comes to science and finding evidence from skeletons and Booth being an excellent judge of character and determining who is guilty and who knows something just by talking to people.

Who are some of your favorite tv couples?


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  1. I love Booth and Brennan.b They so just need to get together.


  2. Sawyer was one of my favourite guys on Lost, well because of obvious reasons XD, gotta love those bad boys.
    When there was a love triangle between, Sawyer, Jack and Kate, I really didn't knew who should she stay with. As the show goes on incomes Juliet, so then was Jack+Juliet, it made sense they were both Doctors, and Kate+Sawyer both come from a troubled passed and run away from the police. And then when the switch happened, Juliet+Sawyer and Jack+Kate, I thought that it was a better match, cause Juliet & Sawyer are strong people and the love between them was soooo sweet. and Jack & Kate, well they became 2 people that I felt like slapping on the face and scream "MAKE UP YOUR MIND!" LOL they were a "perfect match" XD


  3. i would say heidi and spencer just because their entertaining to watch but i am in no way a fan of them. i am a fan of their stupidity lol :)

  4. I love Booth and Brennan,
    they are perfect haha

  5. Sawyer and Kate is definitely my favourite! I love them, they're made to be together!

  6. My favorite are Leonard and Penny. So cute! hahah great post :)


  7. i also love booth and brennan
    they are perfect for each other!

  8. Amongst the ones you have listed I would say Booth & Brennan. They are so much fun together :P

    But otherwise, my absolute fav couple has to be Chuck & Blair from Gossip Girl. Honestly when you see them together you just know no other couple is comparable to them!!

  9. Thanks for the lovely comment! Agh i've been doing a lot of work too, i've got so much to catch up on too :(
    My favorite TV couples are probably...
    - Katie & Naomi from Skins
    - Chuck & Blair from GG
    - Cat & Alfie moon from Eastenders

    But from your favorites.. It's gotta be Sawyer & Kate! It's adorable! x

  10. Ahh I love Clark and Lois! Nice post and awesome blog...definitely following x

  11. OMG?Since when are penny and leonard a couple? Did they break up b.c they arent anymore righT?

  12. Awhhh, so true! That is also one of the reasons I stick with a show, the tingling feeling when watching out fav couple interacting heheh! Such a girl! 1. I was all disappointed when Kate chose Jack, and Sawyer ended up with Juliette. 2. The opposite, I adore Clark with Lana, then she left ): 3. Didn't watch. 4. My super fav couple!

    Have a delicious day! (:

    Sanny's Head to Heart


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