Gift Baskets

This past year my sister and I have made it our mission to try lots of new recipes, many of which we have posted on our blog. We have tried a new recipe almost every weekend. We love to bake yummy goodies that we can share with family and friends. We have received a lot of positive encouragement about the goodies we have shared and decided that we wanted to incorporate this into our Christmas gifts this year.

For some of our close friends and family members we decided to make gift baskets! Months ago we were already planning which of the recipes we had tried that we wanted to use and what new recipes were possible contenders for our baskets. A few weeks before Christmas we finally narrowed the sweet treats down to ten recipes. As you can see from these first two photos, we had wrapped goodies all over our table and counters. We didn’t want to just include sweets in our baskets; we wanted them to reflect the personality of the person we were giving them too.

To personalize our baskets we bought little presents to add to them that the receiver could use or would want. Our great aunt Millie loves to work puzzles in her spare time, so to personalize her basket we included a few 1000 piece puzzles, some puzzle books, and some things she could use in her kitchen. In another basket we included a cook book, cookie scooper, and other materials that a fellow baker friend could use. In another basket we included a season of Big Bang Theory (who wouldn’t want some sweet treats to eat while watching some hilarious episodes of the Big Bang Theory?) and some scrapbooking supplies.

The gift baskets were not that difficult to put together. We did put in the effort to make sure they had yummy treats included and that the other items in them really fit the person we were giving them too. We dedicated a whole weekend to making all of the treats, with the help of our Mom. After making the goodies and letting them cool we wrapped several in plastic wrap and then wrapped them in festive cellophane wrap and tied it with ribbon. We then labeled the treats with Christmas present name tags. Our gift baskets were a big hit, we may even try it again next year! :)

If you were to receive a gift basket what would you want included?



  1. I love this Idea. I love getting food as a gift.


  2. hey girlie's,
    just wondering if you received your price from Camille's give-away yet ?
    Hope you are having a fantastic xmas! x
    Sophie-Lou x

  3. I love making gift baskets!

    My friend Tina and I always do our nails and drink wine together so I made her a basket with nail files, polish and other manicure necessities--complete with a bottle of wine! I thought it was a pretty good idea.

  4. What a fabulous idea! I would so love to receive this. Not surprised they were a great hit :)

  5. Those look sooo good! And very thought out and well put together! I Would love one! I guess I would like.... more goodies! =D Im not sure, maybe a purse... =P


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