My Ultimate Christmas Wish List

Christmas isn't far away and I'm sure some of you are starting to feel the pressure to get your Christmas shopping finished.

I'm lucky fortunate to have all of my shopping done so now I've started thinking about some items that I would really love to have and I've created my ultimate Christmas wish list. I know I won't be getting all of the items on my list but getting a couple of them would be nice.

1. Chanel Flats
2. Juicy Couture LG Goddess Handbag
3. iPad in this beautiful leather cover from Saks Fifth Avenue
4. A bow brooch
5. Peace Love and Juicy Couture Perfume
6. Tory Burch Cat's Eye Sunglasses
7. Chanel Nail Polish
8. Tights in bright colors
9. Statement Necklace like this great one I found for $21
10. A wallet

What's the top items on your wishlist this year?

♥ Sunny

via: We Heart It


  1. I absolutely love this list!!!
    Which Chanel nail polishes are you thinking about?

  2. Oh, I want to have all those things :P

  3. I love it all! I would very much like to open Tom fords black orchid on christmas day...or the new Dior pallet in the patent red clutch


  4. I hope you get what you want. I don't have much on my list.


  5. I am also dreaming about those Chanel flats:) I really adore your list:) Kisses, sweetie

  6. can I copy you too about those Chanel flats?!
    They are FABULOUS! I love them!

    You've got impeccable taste my dear!

  7. I like your picks and I am in love with those flats!:D Hello, Chanel!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  8. hey nice blog..followin u..
    do check out mine..
    n i love everythg on ur wish list :)
    me want it too..

  9. I dont like Juicy but I LOVE that purse! The ipad case is cute too!
    Btw, do you actually get Chanel flats or an ipad? If you do, luckyyyy! =)

  10. Great list! Christmas is really coming way too fast.


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