The Big Apple

During one of my vacations in New York we were told by the tour guide that only tourist call New York the Big Apple. I assume that is likely very true. Anyway, I've always preferred the nickname "The City That Never Sleeps." It makes New York seem like it must be filled with so much excitement, fun, and life.

Me and my sister have started thinking about possible vacations for this summer. And New York is definitely on our list. It is one of our favorite places. You may think that it is too early to start planning a summer vacation since we are in the middle of winter but if we don't start planning now believe me nothing will get decided and we will be stuck spending our vacation at home. I feel like when we go to New York we are stuck doing the same touristy things as everyone else visiting the City. In the past we've seen the Empire State Building, the Statute of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, and ate at way over priced places located in Time Square. I would love to get a better feel of the New York that is known to the people who live there. I want to see unique interesting places visited by locals. I want to eat yummy food instead of at the sub par restaurants we've been to.

Broadway is one of my favorite things about New York so if we vacation there this summer you can be sure it will be on the list but otherwise I'm totally open to suggestions. So if you live in New York, have visited, or just dream of someday going there please share your thoughts and opinions. Thanks in advance. ☺

♥ Sunny

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  1. it was quite fun when i went. hoping to go again soon.


  2. You are so lucky to have been to New York, it's my dream to go there, but I more than likely won't be able to afford it until I'm too old to appreciate it! Meh!

    Have fun booking your holidays! xxx

  3. i'd love to go to new york ♥

  4. i have always always wanted to go new york me and my boyfriend have even talked about it, to see if we will go. the only thing that puts me off is the killer long flight over there, ive only ever been on a a plane for 4 hours at most, and one hour of that was still on the ground, but i sooo want to go..there and vegas! :D x

  5. I wish I could even once visited NY!
    Ur so lucky u was there ; )

  6. I would love to visit NYC.


  7. Isn't New York such a magical city? I love it there, and hopefully I'll get to move their once I graduate! Thank you for your sweet comment too :)

  8. I want to go to New York SO BADLY. Its my favorite place in the world, even though I have never been there. :)

  9. Like you, I've only done the touristy things... oh how I miss NY!

    ***** Marie *****

  10. I want to go back to New York so bad, I went when I was really little and it was awesome!

  11. I'm living here for two months and its amazing!!! You should definitely visit for at least a week if possible!

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