Great Prize We Won

Before Christmas we were the winners of Camille's, from Never Naked, bow headband giveaway. We won the headbands pictured above. Aren't they adorable? Since there were two of them and two of us it was perfect! These headbands were handmade by Sophie-Lou-J from Sophie-Lou-J-Says. She sells these and many other cute items on her blog. It is super easy to purchase one from her, just visit her blog and look at her items. Then all you have to do is e-mail her at Sophielouise_619@hotmail.com, with your order and pay with paypal. You should definitely check out her blog, she is very talented!

Headband Look

Here I have shown two looks similiar to ones that we will wear our headbands with. The first look is a cute, casual blue dress with gray flats, bag, and knee high socks. We would wear the gray headband to complete this look.

The second look is a more casual look with jeans. We would wear the pink headband with this look. We think these headbands are super adorable, and we have already worn them several times. All of our friends love them too!

What do you think about the looks that we have paired these headbands with? Any suggestions?

Sunny & Star


  1. i love these! I think the looks you paired with the headbands are fab!

  2. What an awesome win! Do show pics of you two rockin these amazing headbands soon! I adore those pink ballet flats :) xo Cat

  3. Congrats on winning. I think the headbands will look super cute with what you picked.

    Also you could so a plain T and jeans with the headband.


  4. wow, congrats on winning those pretty headbands! as for the outfit, i think you got it all covered. :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. YAY on winning!!! :-) XX to you- Emily from EL Vintage


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