During the winter there are a lot of activities that the snow brings with them, that we don't have a chance to do any other time of the year. We can build snowmen, have snow ball fights, and enjoy watching the snow fall. My aunts favorite thing about a fresh snow fall is to take the snow and make snow cream. She always enjoys eatting some snow cream with the snow has just fallen. My favorite winter activity as a kid was sledding.

Sledding is so much fun. My sisters, brother, and I would drag our sled up the hill to our Mamaws house and jump on to come down the hill. The steeper the hill the better, because the faster you will go. The thrill you get as you go down the hill picking up speed is so fantastic.

Of course wiping out is a major part of our sledding experience. We crash into something at least once each winter. Turning over and landing in the snow doesn't bother us. We usually just laugh at each other and get up to walk back up the hill for another sledding experience.

Do you enjoy sledding? If not, what is your favorite winter activity?


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  1. epic pics!


  2. I like sledding down big hills.



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