Dresses Making Headlines This Week

I love when fashion makes headlines and the following two dresses seemed to be everywhere this week: Michelle Obama during an interview this week wore a $35 dress from H&M. I love when celebrities and other figures in the public eye wear affordable, accessible fashions. While Mrs. Obama's stylist has added sleeves to the dress I prefer the original version that can been seen here on H&M's website. I like this navy dress with the white print and shades of blue paired with orange is one of my favorite color combinations. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan made her own news by wearing a tight minidress to court this week. I don't think there is any doubt that this look was inappropriate to wear while appearing in court for grand theft of a $2,500 necklace but I actually think this dress is pretty. Lindsay just needed to choose a different occasion on which to wear it. I also love her Chanel sunglasses. The $575 dress is said to be sold out on all online retailers.

What are your thoughts on these two dresses?

♥ Sunny

via: Style News, Eonline


  1. omg, I saw Michelle Obamas dress too!!! I think its amazing, and I like the longer sleeves, because it gives it a more professional and serious look. I love that she is first lady and shops and H&M!!!

  2. I love Michelle Obama's Dress. Candy Of Curves and makeup Actually try this dress on yesterday but said it was to short for her.


  3. I don't like what Michelle Obama has on. The individual pieces are great but not all together! Love your blog!



  4. hey I love your blog! it's so inspiring and beautiful :)

    there's a giveaway on my blog, so you can participate :)

  5. I love Michelle Obama's dress and she looked amazing. I like that she goes for affordable pieces that each girl can easily recreate:) Happy Sunday, my dear

  6. i'm not particuarly fond of Lindsay's dress but i think Michelle Obama looks absolutely amazing with the neon accessories x


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