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One Springtime accessory that every girl needs is a flowery scented perfume. Perfume is a simple extra touch that goes unseen, but it can definitely provide everyone with a sweet scent. At work that extra flowery scent can brighten your day and help remind you and everyone that smells the flowery goodness that Spring is finally here. There are perfumes that make use of almost every kind of flowery scent, so anyone can find one that they really enjoy. I have put together a little collage to show off some of those flowery scents.

Flowery Scents

The Anna Sui Flight of Fancy fragrance uses magnolia and rose blossom in its scent. Dolce and Gabbana uses rose and jasmine. Marc Jacobs Daisy uses gardenia, jasmine, and violet. Elizabeth Taylor's Gardenia uses gardenias, jasmine, lily of the valley, and rose scents. I have mentioned the floral scents that some of these fragrances contain. If you have a specific flowery scent that you love, I am sure that you will be able to find a perfume for that scent. One thing that I enjoy doings to try out different perfumes is to use the trial bottles on the perfume counter at Macys. Just yesterday I sampled Burberry Summer and it was fantastic. Not only do these perfumes have nice floral scents, but most of them come in such cute bottles that I would love to have them to display on my dresser. It would be like a small flower bottle garden on display in my bedroom.


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  1. wow, I love a good smell :)))

    LOVE minnja


  2. normally i'm not a floral kind of girl, but lately I'm turning into one! Must be a new thing this season ;) I'm feeling a HUGE wave of being super feminine - like, all things pink,ruffly, and flowery are catching my eye! I'm slowly becoming obsessed with Lily Pulitzer...

  3. I love LOLA! smells so heavenly!

    xoxo Miss Neira

  4. Nice selection!:D

    My sister loves Daisy!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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