One of my favorite things to do is to take photos. I love to take pictures of everything from family and friends to my pet cat to just random things that I find pretty or interesting.

By no means am I that skilled at photography, although I did take a photography class in high school. I learned how to develop my own film and everything, which I do not do now. It is so much easier to just hook my digital camera up to my printer and select the photos that I want to print than it is to develop my own film.

I really wish I were more creative when it came to taking pictures. Some people just see something and they are like WOW that will make a great picture and it turns out AMAZING. One thing that I want to do is to make sure I take my camera everywhere. Several times lately I have been out and thought man I would love to take a pic of that, but can't because I left my camera at home. At the moment my camera is a little temperamental, so I need to save up for a new one.

I love taking photos, because I love to use them when I scrapbook. The more photo options I have the better I feel about the quality of my scrapbooks.

Do you enjoy photography? of scrapbooking?


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  1. I love photography as well and also learned to develop my own film in highschool, but things are definitely simpler now that everything is digital. I take my camera everywhere, but when I do forget it, I'll just use the one on my phone!

  2. i loooove photos and realized i need to get a new camera ASAP... have a nice weekend!

  3. I do looove photography. I remember learning how to develop film in the dark room and I SO SO wish I could still do it. And that people used film more!

  4. I love taking pictures too.


  5. i love scrapbooking AND photography but I haven't invested much in photography, its an expensive hobby >< but i def do scapbooking, from like grade 6!

  6. i love scrapbooking!! i do also enjoy photography but im still not that great at using my dslr :(


  7. I love taking pictures, I wish I could develop film but my school shut down its program a few years before I had a chance. I did get to take a digital class and I fell in love and bought a DSLR as soon as I'd saved up enough money. Its a bit bulky, but totally worth lugging around for those moments you said you wish you had a camera.

  8. I adore photography but Im not too good in taking photos:) Have a fantastic Monday, sweetie


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