St. Patrick's Day Green

Whether you plan to go all out with green this St. Patrick's Day or just a touch of green, you can't go wrong either way. Some people may really get into this day of wear green or receive a pinch from everyone who notices, while others add just a touch of green to thwart those nasty pinches. And a few of us may forget all together until we get pinched for not having green on. I have put together a few looks for you to help you decide how to wear green this St. Patrick's Day (which is tomorrow for those few of us who tend to forget such things).

Look One
The green in this look is really in the accessories and flats. The dress is a very cute floral print with a little green in the leaves for the flowers. I really love the darker shade of green in this look.

Look Two
I love the blues and pale green in this plaid top. To add in more green I use the same shade from the plaid top for a cami, earrings, and the bag. This would be my casual outfit for hanging out after work.

Look Three
This look goes all out with the green from the amazing floral dress to the shoes to the accessories. I could definitely see myself wearing this dress to work, but I would probably opt for flats over heels.

Random Items
And for those that just want a hint of green to go with their outfit this St. Patrick's Day, I have chosen some of my favorite green items from polyvore ranging in price from $3-$50. Although my top picks from this set would be the watch, heels, and the necklace.

So are you planning to go all out with green tomorrow or with just a touch?


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  1. I plan on wear a light green t-shirt and headband. I wouldn't want to get pinch for not wearing green.


  2. Im so excited for St. Pattricks day I just got an amazing white dress and im going to do all green accessories with it!

  3. I love all of the subtle greens of that first group!

  4. I totally adore that first outfit. Kisses and hugs, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting a cool Loop GIVEAWAY today! Hope you’ll join in:)

  5. Look 3 is such a nice shade of green! I love it! =) For some reason I always think of a bold GREEN green, not lighter, and pastel-y.

  6. Look #2 is mine :)♥♥♥


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