A Royal Wedding

Prince William and Catherine Middleton are getting married on Friday! For months now we have all seen information about this Royal Wedding in magazines and on the web. Their wedding service is to be held at Westminster Abbey. They will not kiss during the ceremony, as the Church of England forbids this. Instead just like Princess Diana and Prince Charles did when they wed the couple will kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. We wish Prince William and Kate a long lifetime of happiness. And we can't wait to see Kate's dress!

You know your obsessed with obtaining your OWN Royal Wedding if...

*You think a tiara is ALWAYS an appropriate accessory to your outfit.

*In order to obtain your own Royal Wedding you have made a list of all the available bachelor Royalty and you are monitoring their every movement via google search.

*You walk around your apartment/bedroom with a book on your head perfecting your royal wave for when you have your own adoring public.

*You have began insisting that your friends and family call you "Your Royal Highness" or "Your Majesty."

*You have begun telling everyone from your co-workers to the cashier at the coffee place that you will not forget the little people.

So have you caught the royal wedding fever?


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  1. I have to admit that I have caught the "royal wedding fever"! I can't wait to see Kate's dress!

  2. No royal wedding fever, but it'll be interesting to see the outfits on that day - I'm sure there will be plenty of fab fashion!


  3. I do not have royal wedding fever at all. I'm looking forward to seeing what Kate wears, but other than that, I couldn't give a tiny rat's ass.

    That's so weird that couples don't kiss during the ceremony. I would die. Mr. A and I are all over each other all the time. We would never make it in England.

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  4. I'm excited for this - as an English historian I love any opportunity to see things happening in Westminster Abbey...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. The dress is all the rage, I read an article in Wall Street Journal about how bad everyone is trying to get a sneak peak at it!

  6. They are a Beautiful couple!

  7. i am really intrigued by seeing who she'll wear, but i'm not (completely) wrapped up in the fever. i'll probably tune in on friday though...i mean, how often to you get to see a royal wedding??!!

  8. So funny!!! hahaha! I love this. I can't wait to see her dress! That's what I'm most excited about.

  9. ooooh such a funny post :)
    I think they're a pretty nice copuple! I'm looking forward to the wedding!! =)

  10. I can't wait to see this wedding! :)

  11. she is just so cute! can't wait to see what she wears :)

  12. I'm interested just to see how grand this wedding is all together, otherwise it's not hat important to me, lol.

  13. I haven't yet. But I have to say that they make a beautiful couple!

  14. I so have the fever! I can't wait to see this!!

  15. i definitely do have royal wedding fever, haha. sometimes i don't even know why. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  16. People are going crazy here in the US over them! I am always watching the TV shows solely dedicated to them. They are a beautiful couple!

  17. cant wait to watch it on tv :)


  18. I actually watched a special on TV about these two and now I'm kind of excited about the wedding. I really can't wait to see what they're going to wear!

  19. No Royal Wedding fever, not at all. I'm not looking forward to it, I don't like to think about how it will be like, nothing. I don't know why? :s

  20. I cant wait to see the Royal weekend tomorrow:) I bet Kate will look amazing:) Happy Thursday, my dear

    Ps: I’m hosting a beautiful jewelry GIVEAWAY later today! Just in time for Mother’s Day!


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