I See You

As I have been looking at the Spring and Summer clothing selections in stores I have noticed that a lot of them have many items with eyelets. This seems to be more of a trend in the warmer weather seasons. I think items with this detail are instantly more feminine and delicate looking. I have prepared a few looks using these details and because we all may be wanting to add to our Spring and Summer wardrobe all of my items are $50 or less in each look.

Look One
I love the color of this dress it is so soft and feminine looking. I choose a light peach bag to add in a litte more color. I wish I had this ring to add to my accessories collection.


Look Two
With the warmer weather I think that one should tops and dresses are now more realistic. Yellow is such a sunny, cheery color and I love pairing it with blue or purple. Again I so wish I had this octopus ring.

Eyelet 2

Look Three
This look shows off eyelets in the top and in the shoes! I would love to have a pair of shoes like these. I could see myself relaxing with my best friends out on the deck in an outfit like this while we talk about what to do and sip lemonade.


Do you own any items with items? Don't you just love how they instantly make any look more feminine?



  1. Lovely sets, I like the 2nd.:D Feminine and polished.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I just love the second look you created - it's so pretty!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. i love look 1! i like the simplicity and airiness of it - although they are all nice =)

  4. I have eyelet shoe and a headband.


  5. Love those looks! Perfect for summertime :)

    I've got two great giveaways on my blog...have you had the chance to enter yet?

  6. I love looks one & two! Yellow & blue are perfect but so are the lighter shades as well.


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