Right vs. Left

At some point or another we have all learned about the right brain and the left brain. I find anything having to do with the brain absolutely fascinating. The Right Brain Left Brain theory states that the different hemispheres of the brain control different aspects of a person and that some people are more right brained or left brained than others and that some are just about equal with both.

Left Brain

Characteristics of people who are more left brained include: more logical, loves to follow the rules, you love words and language, you love math and science, you are more organized, and that you like things to be in order.

Right Brain

People who are more right brained tend to have the following characteristics: great imagination, love symbols and pictures (more than words), great spatial projection, more spontaneous and risk-taking, more artistic and musically inclined, and they tend to go with their gut.

This Quiz you can take to determine whether you are right or left brained. It is very simple and easy to take. My scores where almost the same so based on this I am about equal. But another test is to look at this dancing Girl and the way you think she is spinning with determine which brain you are. When I look at the girl I see her turning the way that indicates that I am more right brained, but if I really focus on her she appears to be spinning the other way to me.

Which side of the brain do you think is most dominant for you? I can understand why I got an even score on the first quiz, because left brain-wise I am a mathematician at heart. I love numbers and riddles and solving problems. I LOVE math games like sudoku and logical puzzles. I know weird huh? I am also right brained because I love to make up stores and I have a pretty wild imagination when it comes to this things.



  1. this is so cool thank u for sharing!! my results were almost equal as well!

  2. Reading those two descriptions, it feels like my husband on one side (left) and me on the other (right)!! I'm RIGHT all the way, with a dash of LEFT to keep my sane and help me calculate the taxes on my new clothes ;)


  3. I'm a left brained person for sure!!! Also left handed too ; )

  4. I am a bit of both. My dad was an artist with a law and MBA degree. My mom has a commerce degree..deals with numbers everyday but has a creative side too. I struggle to balance. :)

  5. Love it too! I love that Mercedes ad....WOW!!!!!!! ;-) xxxxxx

  6. I always find this fascinating! Yet, I'm still trying to figure out which one more describes me...I think I'm more left brained than right.

  7. I love learning about the brain as well- that's why I minored in Psychology! I'm pretty split between the two- I'm creative and emotional but I also love math and logic.


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