Relaxing in my Pajamas

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Finally I was given a day to myself! Yesterday was the first day in SEVERAL weeks that I was not busy. Lately, my schedule has just been so hectic. I have not had a day to just relax and do what I want to for a long time. Between going to classes, working on a HUGE project, doing some things for work, and having to do things around the house I have been absolutely exhausted. I thought I would end up with a nice three day weekend but family events took two days of it from me. But Sunday was such a reward!

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I got to sleep in, which is a reward all by intself. Then I thought there is no need to get dressed, I don't have anything to do today. So I stayed in my pjs all day.

Besides lounging in my pjs I had plenty of time to relax and do the things that I actually wanted to do.

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I relaxed with my cat, who also lounged around the house for most of the day.

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I also had time to catch up on some reading.

I also had time for some baking. It has been a couple weeks since I have had time for that.

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And I ended the day by watching some tv.

Have you had a day to just rest and relax lately?



  1. lately I have little relaxation but it really relaxes me is to lie on my couch and watch what I like on TV. kisses

  2. Lovely lazy day <3 I adore lying around with my cat on my days off! Enjoy!


  3. Those are some of my favorite days!! :D

    I'm having a giveaway over at my blog and would LOVE it if you entered!!

  4. I stay in my Pj's yesterday.


  5. Not lately! I need a pj & comfy bed soon!!!!! : )

  6. Nice! Glad you could relax =)
    For me, I guess this past weekend, after school finished, because now I have to practice for the SAT every day =(


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