Breathe Easy

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What's the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says the word hammock? I'm guilty as charged. The first thing that soars into my mind is a hammock strung up between two palm trees on some tropical beach. A cool breeze is gently playing across the sand while the ocean waves tapping upon the beach create a calming serenade in the background. Sounds amazing right? If I put up a hammock it would actually be in an area that looks more like this:

It would be a great place to relax in the shade and take a break from all the hectic things that demand my attention. Perhaps I would take a nap or read a good book.

I love how luxurious this next hammock looks. It is definitiy a step up from what I would imagine my hammock to be like.

Some hammocks can even be inside your house. I don't really think I would want one inside though. For me part of the reason to have a hammock is because you can relax and enjoy nature at the same time.

This last hammock is absolutely stunning! Who wouldn't want to chill out and spend some time resting here?

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Do you spend time taking it easy in a hammock?



  1. I love hammocks, I've always found them romantic :)

  2. The first thing that comes to mind is a huge glass of lemonade and a good book. What can I say, I've thought about this a lot :)

  3. All of these hammock locations look devine! I wish I were somewhere between two palm trees right now! Work is sooooooo UGH these days!! lol Thank you for your sweet comment! kiah

  4. take me to any of these hammocks now hehe

    <3 steffy
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  5. all these hammocks are so cute!!! :)


  6. that hammock with the pillows and blankets looks divine! sign me up.

  7. I love hammocks!They are so comfy!

  8. lovely pictures:)


  9. All of those hammocks look fabulous, especially the outdoors ones as it's currently winter here in Australia!

  10. hammock = relaxing :)

    i would love to lie down in a hammock with a good book, and just fall asleep when i feel sleepy. ;)
    these hammocks are all beautiful. :)

    <3, Mimi

  11. that would be amazing!!! unfortunately i don't have a hammock lol!! but the last photo is just perfect!!!

  12. ahhh hammocks... I would totally love one to relax in. However my memories of hammocks mostly include a very young me with friends playing around until we flipped out of it :)

  13. I would love to take a nap in one of those hammocks. I love the luxurious one, but I alove the first one more. :-)

  14. My husband wants a hammock so bad. First, we need some trees.

  15. I haven't been on a hammock in forever, when I was younger I always got tipped over so I guess I always think about hitting the ground lol. I really would love an updated & gorgeous one like those.


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