Never Fall From Lace

Lace can be added to any detail of an outfit from a dress to top to shorts to even shoes. Lace is always going to up the girliness of any outfit even jean shorts. Lace is a way to add an interesting unique pattern to an item. When you wear lace you instantly feel more delicate and ladylike. Lace can make a look more demure and romantic, but can be used to create a little bit of an edge at the same time.

Look 1

I love the lace details on this dress.


Miss Ferriday white top, $173
Dorothy Perkins white top, £12
Bootie boots, $15
G by Guess stackable jewelry, $19
Betsey Johnson flower drop earrings, $30
Disney Couture white jewelry, $28
Dior 'Diorlisse', $21
Brown Horse Shoe Satchel, £25

Look 2

Lace doesn't just have to be white. This skirt and jacket incorporate black lace beautifully.

Lace 2

Lace jacket, $43
Lipsy lace ruffle skirt, £20
Zenana Outfitters Bra Strap Lace Tunic Cami, $9.99
Expressions NYC sequin handbag, $48
Gold plated jewelry, $33
K Amato 18 karat gold jewelry, $36
Foxy Originals gold tone jewelry, $50

Look 3

This lace vest just ups the femininity of this look.


Stripe shirt, £15
Daytrip crochet vest, $26
Floral shorts, £18
Dorothy Perkins navy handbag, £30
White ring, $35
Gold tone earrings, $12
Gold jewelry, $43
Dior 'Diorlisse', $21
Chinese Laundry Blush Marina Ballet Flats, $35

When you are looking for items with lace I think you need to look more for those items that use antique looking lace. I just think they have a prettier pattern and they are more sturdy. I think lace looks fabulous paired with other fabrics. The one downside I have to lace is I do not like a lot of lace in one look.



  1. I'm such a big fan of a little hint of lace!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I agree! I love lace, but in small portions. My wish list has white lace shorts on them, like these: http://pinterest.com/pin/58970865/

    Thank you so much for the recipes you post on my blog! It means a lot knowing that you took the time to gather them up. I'm torn between Italian Stuffed Shells and the Ziti and Bruschetta. I'm leaning towards the shells. I have wanted to try that for so long. As for the dessert, I live in Thailand where it's hard to find cool whip and candy bars such as milkyways. I think we might just have a sundae night or something because we are going on vacation the next day and I don't want to let the cake go to waste! Next week, I will search your blog for more dessert recipes. I love baking MUCH more than cooking. I'm not great at either, but baking is just so sweet and fun :)

    Oh and I have an inspiration "wall" in my bedroom right now. I think I'm going to get a corkboard or something to make it look tidier! Thanks for all the tips again.

    Lauren from prettylightsinthesky.blogspot.com

  3. I love the second photo, white lace tops look so dreamy especially with a poofy skirt like that, kinda like a fairytale! :D xo

  4. i love lace! this post is so lovely!

  5. i love it... it adds such a romantic feeling to everything!

  6. Oh I love lace. :D I hope it never gets out of style...I love little hints of lace here and there... :) I want a black lace dress now.



  7. I love lace, I'm such a girly girl so lace is always a do. In fact, I just realized that I don't wear enough! Thanks for the outfit inspiration... I'm going shopping....

  8. love it! I'm a lace addict :)


  9. I have a little obsession with lace. Pretty much everything I have been buying lately has been in lace uhoh!
    but I dont think you can have too much!

    I love look number 3

  10. I just love lace! In touches though...too much can be a little overwelming. All of these are perfection :)

  11. I love all the lacey looks in the shops atm, I may have to tempt myself into getting some!

  12. So beautiful!Love the first pic!

  13. yeah never fall from lace.....
    i just fell in love with those 2 first photo.
    stunning. amazing. HUGE LOVE. perfection. i lovelove the dress and the shirt. they're more than perfect!

  14. Ooh, these finds are so gorgeous!! I love lace.

  15. I'm really adoring the lace trend and they have some great dresses for sale at French Connection I need to scoop up.

  16. OO I love lace too!! I have several lace skirts in my closet that I haven't worn yet, and now I feel very inspired to bust them out!! Lovely post!!

  17. I love lace! i do believe it's the most romantic fabric of all. I just bought some lace vests and I can't wait to put them on. :-)

  18. so cutee...i liek the second outfit,followed you..

  19. wonderful post! I love lace too & like most the white top in the second picture :)

  20. cute lovely dresses i really like it....

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  21. Happy birthday in advance, your dream list is so cool, these photos are so lovely, so romantic and girly, I love theme and I understand why you dream of these things, I also want them. Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic


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