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A detail that can add some instant edge to your look is the presence of zippers. There are a lot of gorgeous ways to incorporate zippers in your look. I love the headbands above with the flowers made out of zippers. I think this adds some edge but in a feminine way especially in softer colors. If you are going for edginess with these go with the bolder, darker colors. Some items like jackets and jeans can use zippers to add detail that can really affect the mood that your look achieves.

Here are some of my favorite zipper detailed items at the moment:

Zip It

Balmain leather zip jacket, $20,440
Balmain short bike shorts, $1,512
Givenchy zipper skirt, €1.390
Rue21 cuffed shorts, $20
Alexander McQueen peep toe bootie, $987
ALDO stripe shoes, $60

How do you feel about zipper details in your looks? Do you have anything with zipper detailing that you love to wear?



  1. Oh wow! The trousers + all of the shoes are amazing! I'm obsessed with zips ha-ha


  2. Those alexander mcqueen booties are to die for!!! :)

  3. I have this ridiculous love for zippers. I used to buy clothing that had a bazillion zipper details just beacuse of that! I really love that headband!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  4. Zippers really give an edge to every fashion pice. :-)

  5. ooh I like the cuffed shorts! I have been looking for a pair similar and its just in my price point. and youre right about detail i love the zipper look gives a bit of an edge.

  6. I like the zipper detail. I glad to see it coming back this season.


  7. I really like the zipper details.

  8. Beautiful pictures. I so want to try making those zipper flower clips. Love them!

    Heel in Mint


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