Boxed Up

Source: kohls.com via Sunny on Pinterest

Source: None via Sunny on Pinterest

Aren't these boxy bags so adorable? They are so small and compact, made to carry just the essentials. Sometimes I find myself carrying around my satchel bag and at times I feel so weighed down. It will hold so much stuff and occasionally I have it stuffed, with these smaller box shaped bags I won't be given the option to feel weighed down. I would love to have a cute plaid bag like these for casual outfits and tan one for dressy outfits. These bags are so feminine and ladylike, but given the different colors and patterns available any girl, from the tomboy to the girly-girl, could find one to fall in love with. What are your thoughts on these bags?



  1. DSW has a lot of box bags.


  2. that plaid bag is so so cute :)

  3. i've been noticing these boxy bags recently! i love them. such a cute accessory, esp for fall.

  4. I've been eyeing on those boxed bags! Hopefully I get to have one soon. They're to die for! :-)

    Much love from Mystic Nymph.


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