Hair Tinsel

I have already shared my love of hair tinsel on twitter but when I saw this picture I became thoroughly convinced that I am meant to add a little sparkle to my hair. I have been shying away from asking for tinsel to be added to my hair at the salon because of all of the bright, bold colors that are popular. While I would absolutely love some pink or shiny silver added throughout my hair it isn't exactly appropriate for where I work. I think this girl pulls off tinsel perfectly by choosing a shade close to her own hair color it is professional enough for the office while remaining fun and youthful.

♥ Sunny


  1. it looks nice! Adrienne on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills always has tinsel in her hair, she was the 1st person i've seen have it haha

  2. I ad sparkle to my horse's hair (tail) so I say do it!!!


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