Wild Flower

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One thing I am going to miss this Fall and Winter is the abundance of wild flowers. During the Spring I can watch the wild flowers blooming from my front porch. When Summer rolls around I get to witness these wild flowers in their full glory. They are so beautiful and vibrant. When I need a pick-me-up all I have to do is relax on the porch and look at the wild flowers or take a stroll to get up close with them. Then I can collect a few to bring back and put in a jar on the table. Their colors and beauty can brighten up the inside of the house as well as the outside. Aren't you going to miss these as well? My computer background is already switched to flowers.



  1. Oh you love flowers? I wish you could visit our country. We have a lot of places here that are just so abundant with flora and even fauna. :-)

    Much love Mystic nymph

  2. I'm going to miss the flower too during the fall and winter.


  3. I'm with you on missing flowers...but I'm still bursting at the seams with excitement over fall fashion!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. These are beautiful, my favorite is the last one. So bright and summer looking.

  5. i love to see them when you drive and they are all over especially in the country side

  6. I love the old style of english cottage flowers, they feel so rustic and pretty x

  7. I could say that I'm going to miss wild flowers, but I didn't see them grow in my area, lmfao. I don't know if I just live way in the city but nothing here grows, haha

  8. I love flowers too, they just cheer you up immediately. Winter is a little too depressing sometimes!

  9. They are so beautiful, they indeed make one smile, i love flowers



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