Don't Be A Scaredy Cat

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Halloween is exactly one week away! I always love this time of year. The weather is finally starting to cool down, the leaves changing provide beautiful landscapes, and all things Halloweeny is guaranteed fun. Handing out candy to the kids is a real treat for me and my sister. We love seeing all of the kids in their costumes and seeing just what they will be this year. Especially the little kids they are so cute and really get into the Trick or Treating. My sister and I aren't the only ones that enjoy it, our dog always barks a little but as the kids get closer he gets so excited and just bounces around them wagging his tail.
If you aren't going to be handing out treats this Halloween you should definitely make some time to watch a Halloween related movie or two with some friends. Some of my favorite Halloween movies are above some are cute and some will provide you with a good laugh. And some aren't about Halloween but they involve Halloween related things like monsters or witches.



  1. Every year my family always watches "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." And we watch all the other holiday ones as well when it's that time of year. :)

  2. My boyfriend and I love watching the goonies in this period
    Fede fedulab.blogspot.com

  3. uhhhh! I love too.Me and hubby are going to wear some costumes! Surprise! We love to have a goofy day no matter the age! :)


  4. I love casper


  5. classics! i am definitely going to take the time to watch these classic movies


  6. super cute post....love those movies...so much fun



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