Fountain of Youth

Source: None via Sunny on Pinterest

Source: None via Sunny on Pinterest

Fountains are serene and beautiful. The sound of the flowing water is calming and provides nature's music for you to enjoy. I love seeing fountains and taking a break next to them. I would love to have a small fountain in my future garden. It would be a great place to have lunch with a few friends and to catch some down time for myself.



  1. Fountains are gorgeous. I wish I had a courtyard so I could have a gigantic one installed!

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  2. Fountains are very pretty & whimsical for a garden... we just got some really cute solar yard lights yesterday & that was our yard makeover... a fountain might just be a bit much for us girls right now but maybe later right?

    PS your blog is only half way loading for me? It never did that before... the bottom is all grey?!

  3. Fountains are pretty. LOL I want to go find a fountain now and have someone take pictures of me! lol

  4. love fountains!!! when i was young it was bc i wanted to make wishes :D now they are simply just beautiful to look at!

  5. i love fountains ..there sound is so beautiful to my ears…n i love readin books by fountain..:)

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