Happy Halloween!

Source: flickr.com via Julie on Pinterest

We had an excellent weekend and we hope you all did too. We thoroughly enjoyed the Taylor Swift concert Saturday night in Lexington, KY. The preconcert was great and the evening just got better and better. Before Taylor took the stage David Nail sang a few songs and Need to Breathe sang, both were fantastic! Then came the main event. Taylor put on a great show. She wore the most beautiful dresses and sang wonderfully. We arrived at the preshow at 5:00 and the concert wasn't over with until almost 11:00. Afterwards we spent the night in Lexington, then we got up on Sunday morning for some shopping!
I know I am going to be tired today, but I am so excited for the trick or treaters tonight! We had a few last night and the kids were adorable! We hope everyone is having a magically evening this Halloween.
Happy Halloween!



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