Tickle the Ivories

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I have always wished that I could play a musical instrument. One that I would want to be capable of playing the most is the piano. I think they are so classy and sophistcated looking. They instantly class up any room. They are also one instrument that I consider very ladylike. Music from pianos is also very lovely to listen to.
I also love that you can choose a very classic looking piano or you can spice it up by choosing one that is painted a beautiful color. I really like the green and yellow piano's in the pictures above. Can you play the piano?



  1. you have the best pictures !!! have a great weekend

  2. i love that yellow skirt. i'd kill for a excuse to wear it. happy weekend!

  3. I wish I too knew how to play an instrument. When I was younger I knew how to read notes, play the piano and violin. For some reason I just decided to stop playing and had lost interest. Now I regret ever putting those notes down.

  4. I'm a pianist, I've been playing for 15 years now (wow that's kind of scary to think about! 15 years! Wow!) It's such a passion that I have and I love all of your images! My piano at my parent's house is probably my favorite physical thing we own, since we've worked so hard to have it. I'm really glad I've never quit, even though I thought about it early on.

  5. great photos * i love your blog girl :)



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