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Typewriters are just so quirky and retro. I would love to have one, mainly for a decoration, as I do not see myself using it that often. These vintage typewriters instantly take me back to the past. I wonder about what their users would have written with them. Could it have been a great American novel or an intimate romantic letter to the person they were in love with? I love the details and colors of these machines and historic feel.
Wouldn't you love to have one of these beautiful pieces?



  1. I love these images - there's something so romantic about a vintage type writer.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I loved them all! They look so vintage-y :p

  3. Awwh! Thanks so much for sharing these.. But now I can't stop missing my parents/grandparents old type writer, that has been sold or something :( It was uggly dark yellow though, but I could have painted it .. :) Lovely post!

    xx Satu

  4. that would be so fun to type someone a letter..

  5. I love the pink one


  6. I want a keyboard that's fashioned into a typewriter. so I can look retro chic but still be using my computer! And I'd love for it to look like that gorgeous mint green number!
    ♥ laura
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  7. I;d love to have an old typewriter, i'm not sure what i'd ever type on it however but I'm sure having one in a room would be very much a statement x

  8. we have a white typewriter that's barely used in the living room. I like the sound that it makes every time you type a letter. :)

  9. I love vintage typewriters. They're so lovely. I wish I still had my grandparents old typewriter.

  10. omg i have been on the hunt for an authentic old one. theses are so amazing, cant wait to have my own and pretend im on murder she wrote :)

    Lydz xX


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