DIY Snowmen

These adorable snowmen are so easy to make. If you are looking for an easy holiday craft, this is it.
All you have to do is...
1) Take a white childrens sock and stuff it full of pillow stuffing until you get to the ridges of the sock that come up around your leg. Twist the top and tie tightly with a piece of yarn. Cut off the excess yarn.
2) Tie a second piece of yarn loosely around the stuffed area to separate the head and body. Cut of the excess yarn. Take the top of the sock and fold down on the head to form a hat for the snowman.
3) Take a black sharpie marker and mark eyes and a mouth on the snowman head.
4) Then take a small square of orange fabric about the size of a quarter and roll it up to be the nose. Hot glue the nose to the face.
5) Take a piece of felt and cut out arms. You will need 4 so that you can sew them together to get two arms. Sew them up almost all the way and then stuff with the pillow stuffing, before you close them up. Sew to the snowman body in the desired position.
6) Take a piece of ribbon and tie in a bow around the neck.

It is an easy DIY project. If you want to ensure that it will stand on its own hot glue a jar lid to the bottom.



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