Foot in the Door

Recently, I saw this house with an amazingly beautiful blue door. It was a truly breathtaking entryway for the house. This soon had my mind wandering and I came to the thought that maybe I wanted a blue door for my future home. It could be any color of blue, they are all striking and unexpected for the main door. I think I prefer a lighter shade though. But would I really want my entryway to have a blue door? Blue is such a beautiful color, but there are other colors that are also unexpected and just as beautiful...I have some thinking to do.



  1. Gorgeous places. :) That kitschen looks lovely, too. Never thought black wall + ceiling could be that nice ! ^^

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart

  2. I love the unexpected splash of color. That deep blue shade in the last photo is gorgeous!

  3. blue that's awesome I've seen red never blue very pretty !!!

  4. Absolutely love the look of a brightly colored door!! One day...

  5. I love turquoise & pink front doors especially, but now man of mine will ever want to talk through those door colors lol


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