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National Quilting Day occurred this past weekend. Quilting is a skill that I am just beginning to learn. My mom and I have been attending a quilting group for about 5 months now and I am having a lot of fun. All of the women are really sweet and I really enjoy taking the pieces of fabric and manipulating them into something new. I am still working on my block quilt, it requires a lot of time and I know I haven't been devoting as much time to it as I should. When I do finally complete it I will be posting pictures on here for sure!
I first wanted to learn to quilt because my mamaw was a beautiful quilter. We still have several quilts that she created using different fabrics and shapes and they are all wonderful, functional pieces of art. I also wanted to learn because I love all things crafty and homemade related. In the future when I have more time I would love to be able to whip out some wonderful creations of my own. Do any of you quilt?


  1. I don't quilt but they're freaking awesome! I wish I was this crafty... such a cool post!

  2. I remember loving making the patches when I was a child and then starting to sew them together. I've mad a couple of patch work cushion covers which were fun but nothing amazingly fancy.

  3. beautiful quilt. I just switched out my comforter to my quilt. Since its been so nice out.

  4. So pretty! I love the fact that you`re attending s quilting course - I would really want to do that as well, if only I had the time)


  5. I've seen the most cutest quilt on this webstore but I don't think it would suit my dream of making my house more "tranquil", meaning more white etc. :) But, if most of the stuff is plain then any colourful piece would spice up the home nicely.

    I've never done a quilt myself but it would be a fun diy-project, doing exactly the kind of blanket you want!

    Have a lovely day,

    - Indie by Heart

  6. Oh, quilting. I wanted to sew quilts SO BAD as a kid, but ever since I hit twelve or thirteen, that interest vanished. I think I'll try making one when I have a kid on the way or something. Quilts don't really fit with my current decor/tastes!


  7. I learned a few quilting techniques from my grandma, but a few years ago, I briefly teemed up with a local artist who, more or less, turns pictures into quilts. It was very interesting and a very frustrating project. Good luck!

  8. Stunning quilts! So beautiful. Sadly I'm not a quilter but it would be amazing.


  9. Love the two first!
    Its difficult to find a nice quilt here in Greece :(

  10. Those are so cool pictures! the first photo looks awesome!


  11. sounds great !!

    looking forward to seeing your finished work :)


  12. my gran has a friend who's amazing at quilting, she has like a club and i'm pretty sure they go to competitions and stuff! wish i had the time for it, it looks really lovely and plus really useful cos you get a quilt! xo

  13. I don't. But I sew and I know that quilting is time consuming. The first one is so pretty.

  14. It's weird because I never really appreciated quilts until lately. I have to admit, I'm not for those super personalized quilts with printed pictures and such, but I do love one that's simple and really warm. These pictures are examples of those!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights

  15. super cute quilt! I should make one. apparently my singer machine is specially for quilts but I just sew dresses haha.

  16. i looove patchwork quilts! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  17. There is really a day for everything :D

  18. I've never quilted but it is something I always admired and love how it told so many stories.

  19. oh my goodness, the last picture is incredible. Personally no I've never quilted before, but I'm definitely a big admirer of those creative and devoted enough to!


  20. OH wow, these are amazing! My mom has loved learning and recently made friends with a lady who's the quilting master. Aha, she's had her work featured in magazines!

    Trendy Teal

  21. I love the quilts on the pictures and am exited to see yours! Unfortunately I don´t have any patience for this things ;-)!
    xx Katja

  22. These quilts are so colorful and pretty, I love them!

  23. That is VERY pretty!

    Stumbled on your blog and wanted to leave a sweet comment, please visit my blog is you have time, Thanks!

  24. Those quilts are lovely, I adore the coloured stars one! :)

    Caroline x
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