Fit to be Tied

All women loved to see men dressed up from time to time. They shouldn't just wear jeans and t-shirts every day. Sometimes, when the occasion arises a little more than everyday wear should be worn. The perfect way for a man to dress up should include a bow tie! Bow ties are just so adorable. There is just something about the bow tie that makes a man look like a sweet gentleman. Wouldn't you just love for your guy or the guy you are interested in to show up all dressed up (including a bow tie) to take you somewhere special? Maybe for this Easter everyone needs to encourage all of the men in their life be it dad, brothers, friends, or that special someone to dress up for the day.


  1. Yummy, yes! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo p.s. going to check out your pinterest...

  2. I agree on the 'dress up' part however I am not so sure about the bow tie, as I don't think that's for every guy. Happy Easter! xoxo


  3. When my brother was a kid he thought you had to be a professor at yale..haha!

  4. great post! i agree the bow ties says I am a sweet gentlemen xo

  5. love me some bow tie I have to get my hubs one !1 great post

  6. I love a man in a bowtie. Being from the south, there is just something about a bowtie that is irresistible. Too bad I don't think I could pay my husband to wear one... maybe someday! But my pups both have bowties that snap on to their collars!

  7. Bowties are definitely the best! Lately they remind me almost exclusively of Darren Criss, which is making me like them even more haha.

  8. This is so true, ALL women love to see men dressed up sometimes. I loved looking at this post and the guys. They're super fashionable!


  9. I totally agree!! I love it when a guy wears a nice outfit for a special occation.

    \oh and I posted your answers on my blog :)

  10. Bowties are so adorable! Love a man in one. If only I could convince the hubs to wear one...lol.

  11. Cute Men! ;-) I also love nice outfits on guys for special occations. But just not too smart, so there could be a three-day beard or something like that...
    xx Katja

  12. Love these photos! I like when men dress up


    In fashion with you

  13. i certainly love a well dressed man!! i think bowties are a fun and charming addition to a guy's outfit.

    IG: @rockoomph

  14. don't you just love a good bowtie? I love a man who can rock a bow!
    ♥ laura
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  15. Just bought my bestfriend a Bow Tie for his birthday, they always look so chic on guys. Very cool blog babe!

    Would love if you could follow me back :)



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