Mother Earth

Source: flickr.com via Sunny on Pinterest

Earth Day is this Sunday on April 22, 2012. This day is to celebrate our beautiful Earth and the fact that we ALL need to work a little harder to protect it. Not only do we need to take care of our planet, but we need to inspire others to do so too. So, why don't you think about what you can do help our planet. Maybe it is recycling or cleaning up some trash by the road? I believe that Earth day isn't just about the responsibility that we have to better the environment it is also a reminder that we all need to get outside and have some fun. What are you going to do this weekend to take advantage of nature? Maybe I will make sure to take lunch out on the deck or go for a walk in the evening?


  1. Here, here! Smashing photographs x

  2. Awww..these are such happy pretty photos and I love the one of the girl in the grass with the guitar. I'd love to be doing that now hehe. Nice Earth Day post


  3. I love these pictures!! Great post and Happy Earth Day!

  4. nice pics ! Come to visit my page and follow me if you love it !

  5. nice selection, so inspiring!


  6. Thank you for reminding me that today is earth day! Me being such a huge nature lover however, it think our Home planet has to be looked after and appreciated every day.


  7. these photos are just beautiful! thanks for stopping by, kisses!:) xoxo


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