Otter Box

Source: google.com via Sunny on Pinterest

Sometimes I learn the most interesting things on Pinterest. I was on that website a few days ago creating some boards for various topics. I forget what topic I had done a search for but one of the pictures on the page was of two otters holding hands. The information about this pictured said that otters hold hands so that they don't drift away from one another in the water. I thought this was absolutely adorable and I did a google search to see if this was actually true. The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) had done an article on otters listing interesting facts about them. Otters hold hands so that they don't drift apart from each other while they are asleep. Isn't that so sweet?


  1. Ahhh..love!! That is so precious, they are cuteness :)) xx

  2. awwww so cute! we can learn a lot of things from otters, then, huh? :)

    ♥ laura
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  3. I love watching otters when I see them in zoos, especially when they are playing in the water. Managed to get some great photographs of them once - so fun.

  4. Thanks for sharing this adorable fact. It's so cute!

  5. Please excuse me while I go get treated for an overdose of cuteness.

    The Tall Blonde Artist

  6. At first i thought you were talking about the iphone case! haha.. oh but those otters, thanks for my daily dose of cutenss!

  7. freaking asnalsndalsndkbdfjdbfhdbffbhbsd adorable. ahhhh omigosh i want to hug them. holding hands to not drift apart, so friggin cute


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