Happy Father's Day Weekend

We celebrated Father's Day today so my entire family could be present. It has been incredibly busy day including beginning to prepare Chocolate Meringue Pie (one of my Dad's favorite desserts) at 10 am this morning. We had a great family dinner and have spent the evening sitting around the living room chatting. 

There is a special connection between a father and a daughter. I have always been and will always continue to be my Dad's number one best buddy. 

I hope that each of you are having a lovely weekend and that you get to spend some time with your family. 

I heard on my way home from work yesterday evening that one of the top three gifts dads want for Father's Day is a home cooked meal. If you still need some suggestions of recipes for tomorrow check out our Family Dinner, Appetizers, and Sweet Treats boards on Pinterest.


  1. This is such a cute post :) Happy pop's day to your daddy!

    The giveaway on my blog is almost over, check it out if you're interested! :)

  2. Lovely picture ! It was a wonderful day !

  3. I think its beautiful when dads and daughters share such special bonds (I don't know my father but was lucky to have 3 big brothers who I am very close with!) I adore that first picture though, how beautifully sweet. Your family day sounds divine though and just what a fathers day should be :)

    Anna xo

  4. Your chocolate meringue pie sounds like all sorts of divine! Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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