Mommy and Me

Recently my mom and I spent a day shopping and having fun together. It isn't often that my mom and I are able to go out for a day with just us. It was nice to have the time together and to do whatever we wanted. We saw a lot of pretty things, that I would love to buy. Above you see some of the pretty things that I took pictures of that day. I loved all of the accessories. I think my favorite things that I saw that day and didn't buy were the blue dress and the white, glittery shoes. After a day of shopping, we of course indulged in a sweet treat!


  1. Looks like the perfect shopping day! The desserts look AMAAAZING!!! xx


  2. thing I want the most out of all the pictures: cupcake.

    I'm a simple creature.

  3. awww mom-daughter times are key <3

  4. Bonding time with your mother is great & it looks like you had great food & good shopping so that is even better!


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