A Quick STUDy

Looking to add a little metallic sheen to your wardrobe? A studded accessory or in this case a studded belt may be just what you need. In the past I think studs were associated with rebels and rockers, but in the past few years we see studs on anything from bags to shoes to jackets and shorts. A studded belt is a small way to add studs into a look. Not only do these belts look fabulous with jeans, but I am loving the skinny studded belt paired with a cute, feminine dress. What are your opinions on these? I also, saw the cutest brown belt recently with studded hearts around it.


  1. the 3rd pic is simply AMAZING!! luv it!!


  2. I'm so digging my studded belt of the closet to wear today!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  3. Considering I had a punk rocker studded belt phase back in grade nine and ten..... I'm just not so sure I could do this one. Maybe a tiny, skinny belt... that might be okay.

  4. Love cute accesories! i have a brown belt with gold buttons on it that i wear almost every day lol if your looking for a new necklace check out the ones i make over on my blog :)


  5. The belts are so pretty. I think I know what I need next...

  6. love these belts now that belts fit me better I might have to go looing for one of these

    great pictures
    curve fancy !!

  7. after seeing these picture I need to go find myself and studded belt

  8. I could totally see myself rocking the skirt & belt in the first photo


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