101 in 1001

I recently sat down and wrote a list of 101 goals to complete in 1001 days. Jessica discussed a few of her goals a couple weeks ago. Today I thought I would share a few goals I hope to complete before the official beginning of Fall.

A couple months ago I came down with a mild case of Bell's Palsy. I was incredibly fortunate to quickly make a complete recovery but I still have not recovered from how terrified I was. I believe the major causes for the Bell's Palsy for me were stress and not taking care of myself. As soon as I got sick I immediately started going to bed earlier, taking vitamins, and trying not to worry (very difficult for a constant worrier).

Although I've made some progress, I know I still need to make some improvements and those are the first goals on my list I want to tackle.

1. Take a true lunch break at least twice each week. I tend to work through lunch and only take a few minutes to eat.

2. Enjoy at least two game nights before the beginning of Fall.

3. Take at least one nap per month.

4. Avoid eating out for 30 days. I honestly rather eat at home but because of my hectic schedule I end up eating out way more than I should.

5. Dress for work. The law office I work is very casual but I want to step up my game and not let the casual environment keep me from looking professional.

6. Take evening walks at least a couple times a week. Should help me relax, enjoy my neighborhood, and get in a little exercised.


  1. Great goals! I hope you continue to feel better and manage that worry. I'm a chronic worrier too and find that exercising is the best medicine!

  2. good goals! I would love to walk every evening

  3. Good luck with the goals -- I think they are all very attainable. I need to work on the not eating out thing as well. I am also a constant worrier, so I understand what you mean there!

  4. I need to work on the whole "taking an actual lunch break" thing.... actually getting away from the office would be so freeing.

  5. These goals should help you find a bit more peace in your life. I have the same trouble with worrying -- I worry WAY too much.

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  6. Hey girl! Thanks for your sweet comment & for following! I really appreciate it a lot! Following you back obviously! Love your blog!! It's very inspirational!

    XOXO from the Netherlands,


  7. I'm glad you are okay, I never realized you were even sick?! I need to do some of those things too. Lately I've been running myself into the ground & I can really feel it taking a toll on me & my personality too.


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