Flip Flops Versus Sandals

Are you are a flip flop fanatic or a sandals evangelist? Perhaps you like to wear both? With the summer now finally here, you are likely to be deliberating on your choice of footwear, and are faced with the arduous task of deciding whether to opt for flip flops or sandals. To help you make this decision we’ve put together this handy guide.
Origin And Definition
Both types of footwear could not have more different origins. Flip flops originate from a Japanese style of footwear known as the “Zoris”, while sandals came from the Roman Empire where they were a popular choice of footwear. Flip flops are essentially held on to the foot by two straps that rise from the side of the sole and meet in the middle, attaching the sole between the big toe and second toe. Sandals, on the other hand, are less standardised in their design and can be held in place by several straps which go behind and above the heel.
Materials And Usage
Flip flops are often made from plastic, although better quality flip flops are manufactured in leather. As flip flops are often made out of plastic, they can be less expensive then sandals and are sometimes associated with reduced quality and a cheaper type of summer footwear.
By comparison, sandals are typically made from leather and can therefore often be more expensive than flip flops. As a result, sandals tend to be more accepted as formal office wear whereas flip flops are viewed as leisure attire. This trend is slowly changing though. New style flip flops tend to have more elaborate designs that are making them more grown up.
Traditional flip flops are typically made from plastic or rubber, so they are considered to be a great choice of footwear for the beach or around the pool, places where your feet may become wet. Sandals on the other hand are typically more sturdy and durable than flip flops and are often preferable for trips that include longer periods of walking.
The verdict
Although flip flops and sandals have some differences, they are both a popular choice of footwear in the summer because they are both open and provide a cool, refreshing type of shoe in the warm summer weather. Both flip flops and sandals are extremely versatile and can be either dressed up or dressed down. For example, flip flops look great accompanying a bikini on the beach, but they also look fantastic with a long dress or skirt.

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  1. I prefer sandals to flip flops. I never wear flip flops. Happy Monday x

  2. I used to wear flipflops A LOT but then, it doesn't really provide your feet with enough support and your feet get super dirty after walking in them the whole day. I prefer sandals that hug my ankle and are closed at the back of the foot. :)


  3. It depends, if I go to the beach, flip flop it is! I use sandals a lot over the summer. Love them!
    Great post.

  4. I'm definitely more of a sandals girl! I'd only wear flip-flops to the beach!

  5. i love my flip flops, gotta admit

  6. I vote both! It depends on the occasion : )


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