Guest Post: Glitter and Gold / Summer Deals

Please welcome Ashley from Glitter & Gold.

I am thrilled with our guest blogger today. Ashley is super charming and has a stunning aesthetic. Her blog G&G provides great inspiration from sparkly assembles to feminine details and delightful trinkets. She's one blogger who I'm sure has an amazing closet I would love to hijack.

Hey everyone I hope your week is going well! It's Ashley here from Glitter & Gold I am so excited today to show you some cool things to pick up and enjoy till the end of the summer!

Don't you just love this pleated skirt. All summer I have been looking for the perfect pleated skirt to place in my closet. Yes, I have found tons but I like to stick to nude and light colors. I find that light colors match very well with me. I love the way that the shoes and the skirt look so delicate together. Do you like the pleated skirt...Get it here.
 Well don't you just adore the classiness and femininity in this look :Simple pink matched  with funky shades and a futuristic bracelet. I have found some similar reasonable priced dresses that are very similar to this. You can find a similair version of this dress here and here. Plus you can find the shades here. Hope you like all of these items!

Flatforms have just very recently came into the spotlight. You either love them or you hate them! These flatform were inspired by the 70's clunky heel era (as I like to call it). I love this fun clunky glamorous look. It's really fun to just over do this look. I personally would match these shoes with a white romper and a cool white blazer and definitely some cool sunglasses. I found some cool reasonably priced flatforms here  hope you enjoy them!

Floral Pants and studded collars...living the dream!  Haha anyone that knows me knows I have been kinda in love with studded collars. I mean like who would want to just wear a plain...white blouse...boring. In my opinion all collars should be studded. Floral Pants...are wonderful because it's like your pretty summer dress in a pant version...wonderful!
Floral Pants here
Studded Collar Shirt here

{Pictures Via Pinterest}


  1. I love that hen sweater. Target has some really cute sweaters with animal cartoons on them right now. They have a fox one and an owl one.

    Penniless Socialite

  2. Love the style, really great pieces there :) Have a great day girls xx

  3. Hi Ashley :3

    xxx Lara


  4. Love the post!

  5. Great post, really inspiring.

    Hugs and kisses,,


  6. I'm waiting for your own photos")
    Thank you for comment:)

  7. Fantastic choices! You know I really can't decide which camp I'm in about flatforms - I change day to day! xo

  8. Love the looks in this guest post!

  9. The skirt is simply gorgeous! I've been looking for one... I would love to have in this color.

  10. Oooohhh, this look is ME to a T! Love!

  11. Love the pleated dress!


  12. I love love love that nude skirt and those gorgeous Zara heels! What a great blogger, thanks for the introduction!

    Couture Caddy x

  13. i wish i could pull off floral pants

  14. The first picture is gorgeous: the soft pleated skirt, the coral bandwaist, the sandals and the cocktail ring. Love everything!! Have a great weekend dear

  15. Fabulous outfits, love the pastel dress :)

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