Prep School

An oxford shirt has long been an essential component of the preppy girl's closet, but due to its versatility every girl should consider shopping for one of these basics. It is impossible to miss a step with this classic. I always feel so put together in an oxford shirt and jeans when paired with a statement necklace or crisp blazer.

Check out this shirt from Madewell for some beautiful colors or this shirt from J Crew for a unique, glamourous take on a classic oxford.


  1. i love the first photo, and the oxfords are amazing. love stripes!!! love these images girl!!! xO!

  2. There is so nothing like a great oxford - classic, stylish and chic! Love the photos you've chosen too... they make me feel like going shopping haha!

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    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella


  3. I love a good preppy look or piece!

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  4. Great selection! Thanks for your visit, I follow you if you want you're welcome on my blog!

  5. I want a blue white one like in the last photo, but they're SO hard to find! I know I can get them at Old Navy or other stores in the USA, but I wish H&M had them too... x

  6. I LOVE this classic look. I like Ashley's (or is it MK...?) top.

  7. I like the prep school look for girls but guys can look a little odd. Great looks here!

  8. I love pink jacket !!

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  9. I absolutely adore the prep look, you can't fail to look classy in a fitted blazer! Excellent post! Glad to hear the sewing has come along well. I love J Crew too!


  10. love these looks. so proffessional - the blazers and button down look. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  11. Love the top picture jacket, well cool :) x


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